All She Wanted

Chapter Three

The door of the McClouds home burst open as Hannah stormed in, slamming the door behind her. She threw her backpack and everything to the floor. As she walked by the couch where Ryan and Josh sat watching T.V she said, "I don't want to talk about it." She ran up the stairs and moment later the two boys heard a loud slam.

Ryan quickly got up. "I'll be right back." He told Josh, and then ran up the stairs.

As he reached Hannah's door Ryan could hear crying. His heart broke in two hearing how much pain she was in. Ran knocked on the door loudly.

"Go away!" Hannah yelled through her tears.

"Hannah. It's me Ryan. Come on. Open the door." He pleaded.

On the other side of the door, Hannah reluctantly got up off her bed and went to go open the door. She opened it and then left to go sit back on her bed.

Ryan slowly walked in and then shut the door behind him. He looked at Hannah. She still wore her soccer uniform, shin pads and all. Ryan looked up to her face. Her lower lip quivered and her eyes were red and puffy from crying.

He walked over to the bed and sat down beside her. "What happened?" She didn't answer. "Something happened with Chase." Ryan assumed.

Hannah looked at Ryan and nodded. More tears fell form her eyes. "Y- you were right. Chase is trouble."

Ryan's eyes narrowed. "What did he do?"

"He tried to... He wanted... To have sex with me." The last part was said in a whisper.

Protectiveness for his twin sister ran through his veins. Ryan drew Hannah into his arms. "He didn't rape you did he?"

Hannah shook her head against her brother's chest. "I got away. But that was after he called me a little bitch and a tease, and then he dumped me. I don't care. I'm glad it's over."

"Me too Hannah. I just did not like that guy." He replied.

"I'm sorry I didn't listen to you Ryan. Or Josh." Hannah started to apologize. "I just thought he wasn't like that you know? But I guess I was wrong."

Ryan nodded his understanding. "Why don't you come downstairs and hang out with me and Josh? It'll be fun. Just the three of us like when we were little."

"Alright." Hannah agreed. "Just let me take a shower first and then I'll come down."

"Okay." Ryan stood up and then presses a brotherly kiss on Hannah's forehead. Then he went to walk out.

"Ryan?" Hannah called.



"No problem." He returned with a smile.

Fifteen minutes later Hannah turned the knob off in the shower. She quickly stepped out and wrapped a towel around her body and hair. Hannah then walked into her bedroom and threw on a pair of gray sweatpants and a hoodie. She quickly brushed her hair and then walked downstairs.

When she reached the couch, Ryan and Josh were sitting there watching 'Joy Ride'. "Do we have to watch this movie?" Hannah complained, sitting down between the two guys.

Josh looked at her. Her hair was shining bright from the wet, and he could see a hint of redness around her eyes. 'She was crying.' Josh thought to himself.

"Yes." Ryan answered his sister.

Hannah sighed giving in. There was no way she'd win against Ryan. Or Josh. Josh. She hadn't noticed how good he looked. Hannah had always liked him as a friend. There was a time, in grade 6, when she had a crush on him. She was over that now, wasn't she? Hannah couldn't help but notice how Josh's dazzling green eyes always twinkled when he laughed or how his reddish hair fell across his forehead and how he hastily brushed it away. Or how his shirt..

She was interrupted of her thoughts. "Hannah? Hello?" Her brother was calling her.

Hannah turned her head and looked at her brother. "Huh? What?"

Ryan and Josh laughed. "The movies over." Ryan added. Had she been thinking about Josh that long? Hannah was confused. Why was she thinking this way about him? She wondered. He was Ryan's best friend. She couldn't fall for him could she? She shook her thoughts away when Josh asked a question.

"So did you girls win your soccer game?"

"Yeah we did. 3-0. And we owe it all to Katie. She was so happy! Do you guys know what happened?" Hannah asked.

Ryan chuckled. "I asked her out before the game."

"Go Ryan!" Josh cheered, giving him a high five.

Hannah's eyes widened as she smiled. "Really? Omg, she's liked you for so ling! But you didn't hear that from me."

"That reminds me. She told me to get her number from you."

"It's number 3 on the speed dial thingy. Go call her." Hannah encouraged her brother. She winked at him as he got up and walked into the kitchen where the phone was. That left her and Josh. Alone.

"So, how are you doing?" Josh asked.

Hannah shrugged her shoulders. "Okay I guess. Chase and I broke up." She looked at Josh. He was already looking at her. "You were right. I'm sorry I didn't listen to you before Josh."

"It's okay. He didn't hurt you did he?" He asked. Concern showing in his eyes.

"No." Hannah replied shaking her head back and forth.

"Good." Josh answered.

Hannah looked into his eyes, what she saw surprised her. It was a look that told her she could confide in him. Trust him. One look that Hannah had never seen before. The look she wanted to see more often. From him.

The next thing Hannah knew, she was starting to spill her heart out to him. "He only wanted me because of my looks and my body. He never wanted me because I was smart, because of my personality. All he saw was a fresh piece of meant that could," Hannah struggled for a word. Finally she found one. "Satisfy him. His needs. His wants. And I found myself under his spell. Giving him what he wanted and needed. Tonight he wanted," Hannah closed her eyes and bit down on her bottom lip. "He wanted to have sex and I refused. I wasn't giving in this time. We got in a fight then and then broke up.

"All I want is someone to like me. For who I am inside. Not what they see on the outside. Is that so hard to ask for?" Hannah looked at Josh. His eyes showed his understanding. She talked on. "I just want that one special guy. Who every time came to see me, acted like he hadn't seen me in a week. That when he kissed me," Hannah's eyes glowed and she smiled. "The earth moved and nothing else mattered. That he knew just the simplest things about me. Things that no one knew, but myself and maybe my best friend." Hannah looked away from Josh and closed her eyes. She reopened them. "Can I really find that one guy?" The last question was in a whisper. Meant only for her.

Taking his forefinger, Josh put it under her chin, bringing her face closer to his. "Maybe you're just looking to hard. Maybe this guy is right in front of you." Josh took his hands and cupped Hannah's face. He brought his face close to hers and placed a tender kiss on her lips.

The two slowly pulled away and looked into each other's eyes. They both started to lean in again. Their lips were inches apart when they heard, "Me and Katie are going out Friday night!"

Josh and Hannah quickly pulled apart as Ryan entered the room. Completely unaware of the current situation, Ryan continued, "What do you guys want to watch?" He plopped down on the couch beside Hannah.

Josh glances at his watch. "Shoot guys. I got to head home." He got up from the couch and headed towards the door. He turned. "See ya tomorrow Ryan. Bye Hannah." A small smile was on Josh's face as he left.

Ryan turned to look at his sister. 'Okay. What happened?"

"What makes you think something happened?" Hannah asked.

Her brother smiled. "Sis, I hate to tell you this. But you've got very expressive eyes. Just like Mom."

Hannah didn't say anything. She just smiled. She got up off the couch and replied, "I think I'm gonna head off to bed now." Hannah bent down to giver her brother a kiss on the cheek. "Tell Mom and Dad I love them when they get home. Good night Ryan."

Ryan nodded and replied, "Night Hannah."

As Hannah walked up the stairs to her bedroom she couldn't help but wonder if Josh had kissed her because he had feelings for her, or was it just because he felt sorry for her? Did Josh mean what he said before he kissed her?