slow burn

there is a wine-red droplet of brazen colour

at the corner of your lips

and I lick it away until I feel a sweet breath

sweep across my cheek like fleeting summer heat.

my heart slows to match the unhurried throb

of your tongue in my mouth.

a tracing hand along a naked hip resurrects within me

a white sun and a golden moon,

your mouth travels the contours of curves

and, marvelling at your touch, I burn.

unspoken verses come to mind

to describe the taste of you—it cuts through

the fabric of my indifference

with a murmured line of passion against bareness,

'I want to dream inside your skin'

and silence seems the best answer,

even as the handheld heart slips with a low moan.

there are flashes of bright Van Goghs

smudged in messy beauty upon a canvas,

locked behind my eyes as I tremble

against twilight kisses and midnight touches.

undiscovered colours swirl madly around us

until release seems a sharp, painful edge

just beneath our grasp.

eyes darken as heat centres itself

between flushed bodies and tensioned thighs,

desperation seeping into hands and mouths

until there is only transcendence

as bliss numbs

I wish, too, that I could dream inside your skin

and when you open your eyes,

you take me in as if for the first time,

I remember the feeling of joy taking flight,

and these wings

they will not break.


Edited the little monster, definitely not satisfied with it. Suggestions would be appreciated. ^^