"The Time Machine"
(ageplay, F/f semi-cons mild, F/f nc hard)


It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

As she looked herself over in the full-frame mirror in her bedroom, eighteen-year-old Allison Bergman couldn't help but feel proud for herself, but also sad. Nothing new under the sun, it was becoming the leitmotiv of her life as of late. At times she would wake up in the morning full of vigour and ready to face the day, while at others she could barely get out of bed, such was her depression and fear of what lay ahead. Not that she'd ever show any of these feelings to her family.

But at long last, she had succeeded. It was nine in the evening and she stood there in her graduation gown, the rolled-up diploma still clutched in her hand after the ceremony. They had had a big time, everyone laughed and everyone cried like it always seems to happen. Alli was the most promising student in her high school and already had a full scholarship to a prestigious college in England in her pocket. That made her very proud. She was off to Europe in three months from now, and chances were she wouldn't see her family for the five years of the college course; they weren't wealthy and most likely couldn't have travelled all the way across the ocean. That made her very sad.

Alli was a home girl if there ever was one. Not in the sense of a spoiled child who has no social life, because she did, but her family held a great importance in her life. The thought of living that far away scared her to no end, and it was just one of the things to upset her. Finishing school hadn't been easy even for a talented girl like her, and things were so stressing and so incredibly tough to bear that sometimes she wondered how on Earth she could be able to make it. At times it felt like carrying the weight of the world upon one shoulder, not even two.

But at long last, she had succeeded.

"Just you wait until your grandmother sees these pictures," said Sarah Bergman entering the teenager's room, holding the digital camera she'd been snapping shots with all afternoon.

"Oh she's going to be radiant," the girl replied as she took off her gown and hat and straightened her loose light blue jeans and white-and-pink polo shirt. "I'm sorry she couldn't come, mom."

"She's sorry too, Alli, but you know it's unhealthy for her to travel."

"Yeah, yeah I know. Still... oh well. No biggie, really."

Sarah smiled and hugged her daughter, leaning over to kiss her forehead. They were quite the pair, a tall woman with a fresh, young look to her and a small, petite girl who couldn't have looked more than fourteen. The face outline, plump and round, and the blonde hair were the only things that made them look like mother and daughter.

"Have I told you how proud of you I am, honey? And dad too, of course. He wouldn't stop beaming, you know."

"Yeah, I'm just sorry he had to leave so soon after the ceremony."

"Me too, but he'll be back tomorrow night, don't worry. And he called again to say you 'kick ass'... Please don't take after him in dirty talk," Sarah shuddered.

Alli giggled and nodded in silence, for that was no news to her. She was so used to constant, never-ending praise that she wondered what would happen if one day she decided to screw up big time. Not that she would allow herself to, no way, she was in total, perfect control over herself, but still, it would be enthralling. To be the naughty girl, to do the exact contrary as what she was expected. It was one daringly thrilling thought.

"I won't, mom," Alli replied in a little voice.

That was enough for Sarah to worry, because her daughter was always so perfect that every little thing out-of-place was something to be surprised of. "Hey baby, why the sad face? Is anything the matter?"

Alli shook her head and tried to look away, but suddenly she felt a wave of sadness crush over her and the irresistible urge to cry, and she didn't hold back. The lithe teen slumped down on her bed and lay her head leftward on her pillow, big tears rolling down her face.

"Oh my, Alli!" Sarah gasped, suddenly worried. She let the camera down on the bedside table and sat near her daughter. "What's wrong, baby? Will you tell me?" she asked in a concerned tone, stroking her hair.

It took Alli only a few seconds before she could get her sobbing under control and regain some composure: she was used to stop crying on command anyway, because letting emotions flow was dangerous and counterproductive in many ways.

"I... I'm sorry, it's just that..." she fought to find the words. "I'm tired, really tired."

"Aww yes, that's understandable. You've had a full day, and..."

"No, mom. Tired of everything... having to work for school, and the job at the library, the scholarship... even going out with friends looks like a duty while it should be something pleasant, right?... I... I don't know, everything seems just so confused and spinning so fast that I can't stop it and..."

"Alli, calm down," said Sarah, as the girl was talking a mile a minute and nearly hyperventilating. "It's okay, I know how you feel. It's the same for me at the hospital, and for dad and his business trips. Life is busy and hectic, but we must be able to keep a little private place to ourselves, right?"

"Yeah well where's mine?..."

"Oh but, honey, you've got your swimming lessons..."

"They're useless, I'll never be a good swimmer anyway!"

"... you like to play piano..."

"No-one listens."

"... and your Internet friends..."

"I barely have time to get online."

Sarah sighed and shook her head, then stroked the girl's hair as an expression of genuine concern displayed on her still beautiful forty-something face. "You're seeing things more negative than they are, Alli," she said. "You've done it now, it's over, for three full months, and summer will bring you all the relax you need, and then..."

"And then I'll have to start all over again, and I won't resist another year like this... let alone five..." She looked in her mother's eyes and started crying anew. "And away from you and dad!"

She flung her arms around Sarah's neck and cried softly for a while, the woman stroking her back gently and kissing her head. "Shh, honey, you'll see it'll be alright. You just need a way to let go, release your emotions and relax. You need to be carefree and happy."

Alli broke the hug and dried her tears as she looked at her hands, folded in her lap. She shrugged. "It's impossible and you know it. Only a little girl can be like that."

A thought flashed through Sarah's mind, a wild thought of irresistible power and immediate appeal. She pondered it for less than a couple of seconds before gathering the courage to speak up, and she did so with a light heart.

"Then why don't you become a little girl?"

The look on Alli's face was somewhere between amused and surprised. A faint smile curved her thin lips. "... and how am I supposed to do that? I've got a scholarship in Physics but I'm no time machine designer yet," she joked bitterly.

"Well, I think I know how you can do that," Sarah replied with certainty. Now she was sure that was the best idea. "You can build your own time machine in here, and here," she tapped the girl's head and chest as she spoke. "We are the age we feel, Alli. It's all a matter of mindset."

The girl wasn't sure what that was all about, but had to admit to herself that it had a certain thrill to it. Why or how, she couldn't tell, but however weird and definitely unconventional, that wasn't something she was being uncomfortable with.

"What are you suggesting, exactly?..." she asked, still quite defensive.

Sarah sat closer to her daughter and held her hands. "Listen. How about you go to bed now and have a long sleep?... And when you wake up tomorrow, you'll be a little girl. You don't want to be eighteen? That's okay, you can be eight for a day or even six. How about six, huh? Tomorrow is your Little Girl Day. Behave like you would have back then, or differently... basically do whatever you want, and get rid of mind schemes and inhibitions. Let yourself free, let it all flow. Doesn't that sound nice, to live a whole day without a care in the world, with no responsibility and no free judgement?"

Alli gulped. If that wasn't the weirdest thing she had ever heard, it was darn close. She was torn between its ridicule and her mother's fifteen-years experience as a professional Psychologist. She'd always admired her ability to be easygoing and imposing at the same time, and to deal with pretty much everyone without letting anyone down. Remembering about people's own 'little private place', she wondered for a minute what her mother's was. But that wasn't the thought she wanted to dwell upon. What was surfacing second after second to Allison's mind was the absolute beauty of what her mom was suggesting. A whole day without having to care for anything, without even needing to control herself, without thinking, without worrying. Wouldn't have that been heaven? Isn't that what anyone could ever hope for? To her eyes, the only way you could achieve that was fleeing to a deserted island, but now she was starting to see another.

"And... and how about you?... I mean, you haven't dealt with a six-year-old in a long time, I..."

Sarah's smile was reassuring, the touch of her hand on Alli's very soothing. "I certainly haven't forgotten, my dear. I'll get along just fine. It's your day, not mine. If anything, there is something you need to be warned about: while it's true that with age come responsibilities, it's also true that with loss of age come loss of privileges... in other words, don't expect to do just whatever you wish and not be punished for it..." Sarah took another deep breath. "Another way to put it is that if you choose to be six, you are all the way, all around and all over. This means I'm going to tell you what to do and expect obedience, that I'm going to set rules, that your bedtime is 8:00pm, that I will bathe you... and spank you if and when you decide to misbehave."

That last bit left Alli open-mouthed and staring blankly at her mother, while a river of emotions stirred deep inside her. She hadn't thought of that. Little children aren't just carefree, they also need guidance in order to grow and to be kept in check and on the right track. But did guidance mean spanking?

"But... mom, you haven't spanked me in... err..." She found it hard to remember the last of her spankings; they'd been a rare part of her upbringing, but they'd also been the threat that always made her behave. Well, most of the times anyway.

"I haven't spanked you since... why, since you were six," Sarah said. "And you know I always regret doing it in the first place, but still..."

"Y-you remember?" Alli's eyes widened.

"Oh, honey... I know and remember everything about you. I wouldn't dare call myself a mother if I didn't. It was a rainy day in summer and you left the house without telling anything to anyone, wandered off in the fields to play with your friends and got back all wet and happy. You got a good one that evening, and it was your last."

Vague memories of that day came back to Alli's mind as she nodded slowly. "Oh, yeah, I remember now." She blushed as she remembered particularly of how her damp clothes had been tossed in the hamper and she'd been upturned over her mother's knee for one minute of frenzied spanking with her hand while still in the nude.

"Well, tomorrow is going to be just like that," Sarah sighed and again ran fingers through her daughter's hair, knowing how much she loved that – and sure enough, Alli cooed and closed her eyes – "You feel free to act whatever age you want to act, behave however you want to behave: tomorrow, you're a free girl, Allison. Do as you wish, but in order to do that, you need to give up control. Let me take all the burden, the care, the responsibility and the worries. Let me be the one who guides and decides. Let me make all the choices, while you only focus on yourself. How does that sound?"

It didn't take long for Alli to admit that not only it sounded good, but that she couldn't wait to start. She barely had time to change into her lavender coloured pyjamas and slide under the sheets before falling asleep. Sarah flipped the switch beside the door: the lights went off and the time machine was activated. She closed the door to a young woman's room, knowing she'd find a little girl when she'd open that very same door in the morning.

* * *

The sun creeping in from the window drapes awoke Alli the following morning. The girl twisted and turned in her bed for a while before becoming conscious of her surroundings, and when she did, memories from the previous evening flooded her mind.

"Wow," she murmured. "What do I do now?..."

With perfect timing, Sarah entered her bedroom and gave her a warm smile. "Good morning, my cute honey bunny!" she said in a lively tone as she opened the windowpanes. A warm, typical summery breeze blew in, waving Alli's hair.

"'Morning..." she said, then glanced at her mother as if looking for approval. Sarah arched her eyebrows and gave a quick nod, smiling reassuringly.

Alli caught the hint and mustered all of her courage before speaking, and when she did, it was a little girl's voice coming out of her mouth – naturally, just like that. She surprised even herself.

"Good mawning mommy," she said as she flung her arms around Sarah.

Smiling much wider now, the woman leaned over and picked up the girl bodily out of bed: she was strong and Alli was very small for her true age, but it was still hard. "Good... oof! Good morning, my baby." She quickly sat on the bed so she could rest Alli on her lap, which made the girl giggle and blush with amusement and embarrassment. "Slept well?"

Alli licked her lips, trying to find the words. She nodded eagerly and said: "Yep, very well. I had this weird dream of a green monster but it was okay, he wasn't bad. Kinda like Shrek," she giggled.

Sarah's heart nearly jumped out of her chest as, for a moment, she really envisioned Alli being six again. "Oh dear! I sure hope he didn't harm you! Let me check you, are you okay honey?" And she started to check on her arms and head and neck, causing another small laugh from Alli.

"It was just a dream!"

"I know, silly billy!" Sarah wrestled Alli down on the bed and tickled her tummy, something she hadn't done in ages. The girl was fully aware of that, for all of her twisting and turning and squirming and giggling were absolutely genuine.

"Otay, otay, stop now!" she squealed.

"And what do I get in return?" Sarah teased as she kept tickling her, sides and armpits too.

"You... ahh! Ooh! You get a... err... hihi! You get a big wet sloppy kiss on your cheek but stoppppp now puh-leeease!"

Sarah laughed at that and sat her on her lap again. "Alright then," and she offered her cheek. Feeling happy like never before, Alli giggled and planted a huge kiss with her full lips to her mother's plump cheek, almost hungry for the contact and making it last way longer than necessary. When she detached, she couldn't but blush, her eyes downcast.

"I hadn't done that in a long time," she whispered.

"Hey," Sarah said with a slap to Alli's bottom, which got her attention right away. "My little girl isn't trying to act like an eighteen-year-old now, is she?" She put on a stern face upon saying this.

Alli's heart jumped as she realised her mistake, and was liking her mother's reaction at that: she *really* wouldn't be allowed to go out of character, and that was great. If ever she had a doubt, now she knew she could forget once and for all about her everyday self.

"Oh no... no mommy, I never!"

"Good! Because little girls who try to act older than they are get a good spanking on their bare little fannies," she spoke those fateful words in a slow and heavy tone, so as to carve them deep into Alli's mind. The girl's firm nod of acknowledgement was very sincere and not at all faked.

"Very well. Now let's go down to breakfast: I've got something special for you."

It turned out to be something less than special, quite ordinary actually, but so distant in time that Alli had even forgotten about it. She saw the nook by the window with a view on the flowered yard furnished with everything a child could ever dream of for breakfast. Eggs, freshly-roasted bacon, muffins of all sorts, syrups and juices of all flavours, milk, biscuits, cookies, donuts, cheese, ham, chocolate, garlic bread, pudding... and the list could go on. The nook could barely contain all that food. There was even her bib with the Disney characters she'd been wearing at that time, and the plastic The Lion King plates and forks and knives from her old party set. Her jaw dropped and her eyes glistened with happy tears.

Little did Alli know that Sarah hadn't slept an hour that night, a night spent between rustling among old stuff in the boxes in the basement and ramming the 24/7 supermarket fifty miles from their home: the only woman in the country shopping for yummy food, baby oil, coloured bubble maker for the bathtub and the frilliest dresses one could find in the Early Teens section (Alli was small for her age, after all) at half past two in the morning.

"Wowwww mommy!" Alli shrieked as she clapped her hands. "The Summer Breakfast! It's not summer yet!"

"I know, baby, I know, but I wanted this to be a surprise. Hey, aren't you going to attack all that food before someone else does?"

"No way, it's mine!" Alli squealed, and she ran to the table, making a big show of climbing on a chair even though she didn't actually need to.

In no time she was gnashing her teeth on anything that came in handy, taking double helpings of everything. Sarah's only warning was: "Be careful, Allison! I don't want to see stains on those pj's, so use your bib," but apart from that, she just sat the same table and had yet another cup of coffee, watching her daughter with a sweet smile.

The time machine was working its way into the past.

When breakfast was over, half-an-hour later, Alli had tried pretty much all of the food on the table, most of which she hadn't tasted in years. As a teenager, she'd gone through the vegetarian phase and had cut off everything which wasn't veggies, including sweets ("they're mostly done with milk, milk is from cows, and it's abuse to animals!"), and to taste everything again was the most beautiful treat she could every dream of.

There were, however, a couple of chocolate and strawberry jam stains on her pj shirt, that Alli commented with an "oops!" and tried to scrape off with a napkin.

"No, no, no baby! You're going to make them even wider like that. We need to wash the shirt and put talc on the stain. And didn't I say to use the bib, hmm?"

"Err... yeah sorry mommy I forgot!" That was true, she had forgotten, and Alli felt a huge lump in her throat as she was confronted with having disobeyed... something she hadn't done in years, not consciously at least.

"Well that's too bad," said Sarah as she stood the girl up, spun her around and planted five solid smacks on her pj-clad backside. "Come on, off to the bathroom with you, and leave the shirt on the counter!" she ordered.

"Oww!" Alli clutched her nates in her hands even though the slaps were barely stinging. "Yes mommy, right away!" and she scampered off upstairs.

Sarah's smile was delighted.

In the bathroom, Alli took off her pj shirt and placed it neatly in a small hamper, which she filled with water from the basin. She reached for the stain-remover in the cabinet, but froze in her tracks... what was she doing? Would a six-year-old do that? No way. Not her, at least. She smiled to herself as she felt a thrill run through her body. She emptied the hamper and tossed it away, then threw the shirt on the counter as she'd been told, making sure it was quite wrinkled and that the stained side was facing the counter. She gave a small giggle at that intentional misdeed, and a moment later her mother entered the bathroom.

"Aww Alli, couldn't you be more attentive?" she said as she put the shirt in the hamper, grabbed a wet cloth and scraped the jam and chocolate away from the counter.

"Uh, sorry mummy, I didn't mean to."

"It's okay, but next time..."

She stopped at mid-sentence as she gazed at her daughter, standing in the middle of the bathroom with her pj shorts, her white and pink socks... and her bra. It took a few seconds for Alli to register why her mother was looking at her breasts, then she realised and couldn't help but laugh out loud. Remembering she wasn't supposed to get out of character, she regained composure – and so did Sarah, who was on the verge of laughter too – and quickly removed her bra, tossing it in the hamper on top of the stained shirt. Sarah's nod was lost among her attempts not to laugh, while Alli was surprised not to be feeling too much embarrassment by her partial nudity: in every other circumstance it would have made her blush hotly, but now it just made her feel slightly out-of-place, but that was all.

"Okay, well, next time just pay more attention. You need to dress now, come on, let's get you into some nice clothes, hmm? You should see what mommy bought... err, what mommy has for you in the wardrobe!"

Alli's sleep was very light, so Sarah hadn't been able to enter her bedroom at night and place all the new clothes in her drawers and closet like she'd liked to, but that would have been just fine anyway. She had Alli wait in her room, sitting on her bed, while she went to hers and her husband's and picked the cutest dress: pink skirt and top with a white collar and ruffled short sleeves, as well as plain white cotton panties and pairing white socks with pink ruffles, and also a pink ribbon for the hair. It did feel like dressing up a doll, and Sarah choked back another laugh as she walked back to Alli's room.

Her daughter's expression was of utter amazement as she saw the clothes she was to wear for the rest of the day. "Ooh mommyyyy! Are... aren't those the cutest!" she clapped her hands again.

"Oh yes, they're precious. Just like you, baby. Come on, stand up and let me sit."

As Alli did so, she remembered how she used to like it when her mother – and more rarely her father – used to dress her for school every morning. That was something that belonged more to her earlier years, not older than 4 as far as she could remember, but it was still beautiful to try this again. It was embarrassing when Sarah pulled off her pj shorts and panties and socks, leaving her stark naked in the room, but after repelling the impulse to cover her modesty Alli felt at ease with Sarah's gentle handling. She let her mother raise her arms to slip on her undershirt, and her legs when she had her wear panties. Then she sat on the bed and raised her feet, one by one, for her socks to be worn, and the dress was slipped on over her head and fitted perfectly on her lean body. She turned around, sitting facing the other way, as Sarah combed her blonde hair in one long, thinly-braided ponytail, which she fixated to her head with the large pink ribbon.

At last, the woman stepped back and admired her handiwork. Just perfect. "Don't..." she hesitated. "Don't you want to take a look in the mirror, babycakes?" she offered, knowing that it was no use for little Alli to do that, but that would be a great experience for big Alli.

And a great experience it was, since the girl could barely believe her eyes. Was it her underneath those clothes? How could she look like such a little girl? And it wasn't even one of those exaggerated dress-ups with middle-aged women dressed as schoolgirls or toddlers wearing their mother's make-up... it was just... natural. Alli couldn't find another word. Not that she could really be mistaken for a six-year-old, but a late preteen, yes. She was ecstatic.

"It's perfect, mommy..." she said breathlessly.

"It really is," Sarah echoed, complimenting herself for her choice. "Well, this is going to be your dress for the day, honey. Now mommy needs to work and study some in the living room, why don't you come down and play, hmm?"

Alli stared at herself in the mirror just a few seconds longer, before beaming and hugging her mother. "Yes mommy, thank you! I won't be a bother, promise!"

"Oh you better not be, young lady," Sarah added as she helped her daughter out of the room with a slap to her bottom that made Alli pout just a little.

Into the living room they went, and Sarah sprawled her Psychology textbooks on the table (she had been co-author of some) and started browsing through them to look for material to base her upcoming speech in a convention upon... but to say she was paying full attention would be a lie. Her eyes couldn't but dart every other minute to that total cutie that was Alli, sitting on the living room carpet, playing with her Barbie dolls. Some were from the girl's own old collection, others Sarah had bought at the supermarket.

Alli's eyes sparkled with life and she enjoyed every second of her playing. It was a new-found joy for her to stuff Barbie and Ken in the dollhouse, then have them go shopping, then riding horses, and a variety of other things. Being the creative girl she'd always been, she made up little adventures and mumbled the dialogues in the background, mostly to herself, but not silent enough that her mother couldn't hear if she wanted to. After all, it was a joy they were both sharing.

After more than an hour, though, Alli intentionally got a bit louder, just so she'd do something in tune with her age: six-year-olds can't stay put for a long time not even if they want to. She raised her voice and squealed a couple of times when Barbie's horse jumped a hurdle, and Sarah warned her to quieten because she needed to concentrate.

"Sorry, mommy... it was Barbie, not me!" she giggled.

Again she tried after a few minutes, and again she got a warning, this time sterner. But the third time she lost control of her own voice, it was for real: she'd got so involved in the game! The dolls, that is, but the 'game' as a whole as well.

"Allison, I'm not going to tell you again," said Sarah, a resolute note in her voice. "Quiet down or go play elsewhere, or mommy will spank your botty nice and red. Understand?"

Alli stared wide-eyed at her mother, then shook her head a couple of times and said: "Sure mommy, I'm sorry, I won't do it again, please lemme stay here to play, pleeeeease?"

Sarah shrugged. "Of course, I enjoy your company. But you need to be less loud than that, or else," she wagged her finger at her. Again Alli nodded and resumed playing, and really did stay put...

... for a while. The fourth time around, when she simulated a heated Barbie-Ken fight, Sarah didn't let it pass. The woman stood from the table, her stomach churning in anticipation, for that 'game' was thrilling on both sides of the wall.

"That's it, missy, you've had your chance to behave," she announced as she strolled over to where Alli was.

Caught in her game, the girl hadn't even realised she'd broken the silence rule a fourth time, and she was surprised when she saw and felt her mother grab her arm and stand her up from the floor and then march her to the couch, where she sat.

"I told you to be quiet but you wouldn't listen, Allison Marie Bergman," Sarah scolded in a firm voice.

"But... b-but mommy, I..."

"You were playing louder than I said you could," said Sarah as she lifted her daughter's skirt and had her hold it up, which Alli did without complaining. "Do you remember what I said would happen if that happened again?"

Alli's jaw dropped and she looked at her white-socked feet on the carpet. "Y-you said I was... you were... yeah well that I'd get a spanking but please don't spank me mommy! I'll be good you don't need tooooooooo!!" she yelled as her white cotton panties slid off her bottom cheeks, down her thighs and hugged her knees.

Eighteen-year-old Allison Bergman was standing bare from the waist down in front of her mother and was about to get her first spanking after many and many years. Another way to look at it was that six-year-old Alli was about to get her just desserts yet again. The girl's mind couldn't decide which version it liked better, and fought between the teenager's embarrassment to be so bare and vulnerable and the child's fear of the upcoming punishment. Not that the teen wasn't scared or the child wasn't embarrassed, but those components mixed deliciously into something that Alli couldn't have defined had she tried. And she didn't want to; she just closed her eyes and enjoyed that moment for all it was: the time machine ticking again.

And it ticked even more as Sarah gently grabbed her daughter's hand and pulled her lean swimmer's body across her lap, positioning her still rather small bottom right in the middle. That was a view that hadn't changed much through the years after all, but it still gave Sarah the weirdest feeling to be watching at her nearly adult daughter's bare backside knowing she was about to spank it soundly. And spank it she did, raising her hand up to her shoulder and delivering crisp, moderate smacks all over the girl's buttocks. She kept the strength reasonably low, trying to find a mid-way point between a spanking that would be appropriate for a six-year-old and one that would still sting a late teenager like Alli. Her daughter's lithe build sure did help in that.

On her behalf, Alli was doing her best to play the part: just as she did every time she was spanked as a kid, she squirmed and kicked her little legs and tried to get free from minute one. She couldn't objectively bring herself to cry, though, so she faked it, and so convincingly that Sarah actually softened her slaps, afraid she was hurting her for real!

"Mommy noooo, don't spank me!" cried Alli.

"I'm sorry Allison, you've earned every smack of this spanking," Sarah replied as she dutifully applied her flat hand to her daughter's pinking backside.

"Yesssss but I be good now, wealllly!" Alli clasped her hands on the cushions and gripped them; then she remembered how she used to try and shield herself from the coming blows when she was little, so that's what she did.

"Oh no you don't, Allison!" said Sarah, raising an eyebrow and smiling: she'd forgotten that detail, and was glad Alli hadn't. The woman quickly restrained the girl's wrists in her left hand, and kept slapping away at her bare backside with the other, but somewhat harder.

"Owwwiiieeee mommy noooo it hurts soooo much!" lied Alli.

True, it was stinging some and she would feel the warmth on her bottom for a while, but it wasn't anywhere as close as those times when her mother had *really* ignited a fire in her rear end – those hadn't been more than a couple dozens swats after all, but to her little girl's eyes it was still a sound spanking. And now, partly because of her mindset and partly because she wanted to feel so, Alli carried on as though she was being murdered. And she liked every minute of it.

"Good... whack!... so next time... whack!... you'll think twice... whack!... before being... whack!... such a trouble-making... whack!... loud... whack!... noisy... whack!... little... whack!... child." She landed a volley of swats to Alli's sit-spots and the girl simulated her reactions accordingly, writhing harder against her grip and nearly falling off her lap. Finally Sarah stopped and rubbed Alli's warm bottom in slow circles. "And noisy little girls in this house are spanked good and hard on their BARE little chubby bottoms until they're rosy red like apples, then put nose in the corner with their skirts up and their panties down for all the world to see just how naughty they've been. Do you understand, Allison Marie?"

"Owwww bwwaahhh y-yes Ma'am! I'm sorry Ma'am, I understand!" the girl wailed.

"Good," Sarah said.

She'd thought all that rhetoric would fit the moment, and Alli's equally exaggerated response (never before in her life she'd addressed her parents as "Sir" and "Ma'am", and they'd always discouraged that anyway) told her it had been the right thing to do. "Now up you get and get your sassy little bummy into that corner, young lady. And don't let me catch you rub your sassy little buttocks or mommy will grab her hairbrush and really paint your sassy little buns a nice glowing red, is that understood?"

Alli would've liked to laugh, somewhere deep inside, but instead she just nodded her head and kept faking her crying. Although pretty much everything about that spanking was faked or exaggerated in a way, on the other hand she'd felt it very close, a moment of wonderful intimacy like she'd never experienced before in her young life. All kinds of thoughts floated through her mind as she made her way to the corner and looked at the wall, which was something new for her. Alli placed her forehead on the cold stone and kept her skirt up with her hands, feeling the cool air on her stinging behind and feeling totally exposed and vulnerable...

... and then why was she liking it?

She had lots of time to dwell on that during corner time, that her mother seemed to be wanting to last at least half an hour. Alli hated being spanked and wasn't the least 'kinky' about it, and still, to be slapped as she pretended to cry had been tantalising. Alli hated being exposed to others and was a rather shy person in general, always afraid of her body and jealous of her intimacy, and still, to be bared like that and now standing bare-bottomed in the corner felt great.

The teenager couldn't quite figure out what she was feeling about it all, but she knew one thing: rarely in her life, if ever, had she felt so protected and safe. That only apparently clashed with her feeling vulnerable, because she realised after some thinking through that it was that vulnerability to grant her safety. Her mother was right: giving up control and leaving all of her worries, responsibilities and inhibitions behind was completely liberating. It was like all she had been up to that point was being washed away by that new wave of joviality. The time machine was pushing her back to a state when she wouldn't have to worry about anything. She was a child, and children are taken care of: she was passive, and was loving it to no end. She silently wished that Little Girl Day would never end and she would be allowed to spend her entire life like that... but she knew it was a silly wish and she stuffed it into the very back of her mind, ready to be unearthed every now and then for some healthy daydreaming.

"Alli, baby? You can come to mommy now, sweetheart."

All too soon Sarah called her out of the corner and beckoned her over. Alli's flood of thoughts had to stop – but she promised herself she would continue later – as she lowered her skirt and replaced her panties and made her way to where her mother sat. She let the woman hug her tight and rub her back in slow circles. Her whole body ached and tingled at the loving massage, and she gripped her mother's neck, inhaling her lovely scent.

"I'm sowwy mommy, I won't do it again," she said meekly.

"I know baby, I know. Mommy forgives you and you're a good girl again now," Sarah smiled and leaned over to kiss Alli's round, soft nose. The girl let out a single giggle. "It'll be lunch time in a hour or so, babygirl. What do you want to do until then, hmm?"

Alli shrugged and looked around. "I don't know mommy. I have so many toys... maybe I can play some more. But no more dolls, they're boring... and painful, ouch!" she whined as she rubbed her bottom through her skirt and pouted.

Sarah gave her a large smile. "Aww, well, there's many other things to do. How about watching cartoons, would you like that?"

The girl's eyes lit up with happiness. "Ooh yes mommy please! Thank you thank you thank you!" she sang.

"Okay, okay, but don't thank me too soon. You are to stay quiet and keep the volume down, or you know what happens, right?" she gave her a meaningful look that actually had Alli's stomach twist in tight knots.

"Yes mommy, I know and I don't want no more spankies on my bum-bum!" she exclaimed in a whisper.

"I'm sure you don't! And now let's go find a nice cartoon to watch..."

* * *

Alli fell asleep on the couch halfway through "The Lion King". She had purposefully chosen something which belonged to the past, and that movie had always held a great importance in her childhood. At first she'd watched in awe as the images on the screen brought old memories back to life, making her really feel like that little girl again; but then, definitely due to the morning's breathtaking events, sleepiness had had the best of her and she'd napped for a long time.

Her mother's gentle hand shook her awake and the smell of cooked food reached her nostrils. "Mommy I took a nap," said Alli without thinking.

"Well hello baby," Sarah cooed, kissing her cheeks and forehead. "You sure did. Was it a nice one?"

Alli nodded as she rubbed her stinging eyes. "What's for lunch mommy?"

"Spaghetti with meatballs..." Alli's eyes brightened. "... hamburgers..." Alli clapped her hands. "... and spinach." Alli's smile faded and she grimaced.

"Aww but..."

"Nah-huh!" Sarah put a finger across the girl's lips. "Good little girls have to eat all their spinach so they grow up really nice and strong, just like Popeye the Sailor Man. Okay baby?"

"I guess," Alli said half-heartedly.

Inside, she both smiled and frowned at her mother's choice: after her brief vegetarian phase, adult Alli really loathed spinach like few other things, and Sarah sure did know that. But if the girl was always allowed to choose her food, the child would not be, and she would have to submit to her mother's culinary moods. The prospect of being punished if she didn't do as asked was, again, something completely new to Alli. Not exactly pleasant, but still thrilling.

"Good girl," said Sarah as she led her by the hand to the kitchen.

The table was set and everything was ready in a few minutes. Alli sat straight in her chair and managed her fork and (plastic) knife the best she could. She enjoyed the spaghetti – her mother had always been a great cook – and the meat was wonderful, but eating spinach proved to be every bit as hard as she thought it would. She took a few chops here and there, frowning largely, but for the most part she concentrated on the hamburgers, so that at the end of the meal she had several spinach left on her plate and didn't know what to do.

"Mommy do I *have* to?" Alli whined. "I hate it!"

Sarah shook her head and again waddled her finger. "Now, now, Alli, be a good little girl and eat your spinach."

Alli frowned. "It stinks..."

"Does not, I made it for you and it's delicious."

"Is not..."

"Is too, and now go ahead and eat, and don't make me repeat that."

Alli pouted and stayed put for a while and really tried to eat her spinach, but after a few mouthfuls she just couldn't go on, the taste was so foul and she was starting to feel sick. After a few minutes spent glancing sideways at her daughter, Sarah stood and started to take the dirty dishes to the sink.

"Are you going to finish your veggies, honey?" she asked. There was a tear in Alli's eyes that told her she wasn't, and the girl shook her head, still pouting. "Very well then." Sarah tried to keep a stone face despite the emotions running deep.

The woman took away Alli's plate and glass as well, and after clearing the table, a few minutes later, she motioned for the girl to stand and unceremoniously bent her over the table, raising her skirt as she did so. Alli startled and gasped at that, but before she could even protest she found her panties down at her knees and her mother's hand was slapping her bare behind once again.

"Owwww!" she finally found her voice as the sting started to build: Sarah was spanking harder this time. "Noo mommy!"

"I'm sorry, Allison, but you've been warned to eat your vegetables several times, and did not," she scolded as she painted a bright pink hue on her daughter's bottom cheeks; every trace of the previous spanking had disappeared.

"I'm sorryyyy!" the girl wailed. "I'll eat them now pleasssse!"

"Oh no you don't. You're going to eat them for dinner, but now you're getting a good spanking," she emphasised the word with a loud smack to the sit-spots which elicited a yell from the girl, "and then spend one hour in time out in your room, and I don't want to hear a word about it, is that clear young lady?"

"Owww ahiiieee! Yes mommy! I'm sorry, realllllly!"

Alli wouldn't have ever believed that her reactions were being less fake this time: the spanking was hurting some, and she couldn't do anything in her power to stop it – because she did not have power in the first place. To be handled like that and not have the chance to regulate herself was thrilling and scary at the same time. So she was thankful when, a minute later, Sarah stopped spanking her now dark pink buttocks. A few real tears had sprung out of Alli's eyes by then; if they were from pain or humiliation or from the current mindset, she wouldn't have known, and she didn't care. She just knew she was a sore and sorry well-punished little girl, in her mother's tow and being carried bodily to her bedroom.

Sarah gently dropped Alli on her bed and took up her panties, making her wince when they rubbed on her sore behind.

"You are to stay on your bed until I call you out, okay honey?" she said as she kissed Alli's forehead. The girl nodded without a word. "You can leave to use the bathroom, but that's it. Be a good girl for the next hour and then mommy will play with you in the yard."

Alli managed to smile as she looked up at her mother. "Really?" she asked in a little voice.

"Of course, baby. Mommy isn't angry at you, you know?" Sarah spoke in a soft tone.

"Okay mommy... thanks."

"Take another nap, maybe."

Sarah left the room, and sure enough Alli drifted off again.

* * *

She woke up by herself this time, to the sound of car engines down the road. It was four in the afternoon, well past the time she was supposed to remain in her bedroom, so she considered it safe to stand up and walk out and downstairs to see where her mother was. On second thought, though, she was supposed to be calling out for her, and she did just so:

"Mommyyyyyy!" she yelled.

A few seconds later Sarah poked her head in her room. "Hey, sleeping beauty. Come on, there's something waiting for you in the yard."

Smiling anew, Alli got down from the bed and quickly followed her mother's steps downstairs and out in the bright sunny day. A plastic inflatable pool fifteen feet in diameter had been placed right in the middle of the Bergmans' back yard. Spread all over the water were floaties, plastic toys, a Barbie cruise ship and several other typical kiddie things. Alli squealed with delight at the sight, and she rushed to the poolside to take a look.

"Wowwww mommy this is... this is just so cool!"

"Easy now, dear," Sarah said as she took the girl's hand and gently led her away from the pool. "You're going to need a swimsuit if you're going to swim, right?"

"Uh yeah I suppose so," Alli gave a little giggle. "I'll go get into it right now!" and she darted back towards the house, but Sarah stopped her.

"Oh no, not so fast. Here, I've got just the right one for you," said Sarah, handing it to her.

It was a nice, multicoloured two-piece bathing suit that would have been fine for a six-year-old... a real one, that is. Even though the tissue was very elastic, Alli wondered how she could ever fit into it without being uncomfortable and leaving most of her private parts exposed. The girl soon realised that she would have to leave most of herself exposed and be a little uncomfortable. She blushed and looked at her feet for a moment, but quickly recuperated and nodded her head.

"Th-thank you mommy, it's beautiful!"

"It is, isn't it. Come on, try it. You don't want to get that beautiful dress of yours wet."

Nodding again, Alli did as she was told. The yard was surrounded by plants and a wooden fence, so there was no danger of anyone looking in. Anyone but her own mother, that is, but at that point that was the very least of Alli's concerns; her inhibitions truly seemed to have given way to her childish self by now.

She stripped naked and wore the swimsuit, which proved her wrong: she could fit into it, and despite it being extremely revealing, it wasn't as uncomfortable as she would think. Handing her clothes back to her mother, the girl took a tentative step into the pool. The water was warmed by the sun and she had no difficulty settling in. Soon she found herself seated on the rubber bottom of the pool and surveying her new toys one by one, looking them over and over and enjoying the sight. Again, some of them were her old ones, while others came from Sarah's night shopping. Not knowing about that, Alli wondered where all those things came from.

Her worries lasted just a second, though, because less than a minute later she was playing happily in the water, oblivious to anything and anyone else. When Sarah was satisfied of the view, she got herself a chair and a book and enjoyed the warm late spring sun and the giggles and squeals of her new-found baby. Again, of course, the book had very little interest: watching Alli in the time machine having her very own Little Girl Day was just wonderful and she wouldn't have missed that for all the tea in China. She silently cussed at herself for having chosen the very day when her husband was away, but on the other hand, Alli's relationship with her father was so more 'business-like' and far less familiar that she probably would refused to perform all of these things in his presence. So this was basically a Mother-Daughter Day... or, more precisely, a Mother-Little-Girl-Daughter Day. And all thanks to the time machine.

"Look mommy! The shark is attacking the ship!" Alli said as she dived underwater and bumped the Barbie cruise ship upside down.

Sarah laughed and brought a hand to her mouth for good measure. "Oh my! All those poor passengers!"

"Naah it's a cute shark," said Alli as she re-emerged, wiped her eyes and leaned over the side of the pool

She smiled at her mother, and the woman stood and approached her. "Do you like the pool, sweetheart?" she asked as she kissed the girl's wet forehead. Alli nodded and kissed her back. "That's great. Every girl your age should have a pool, but, you are not to come here unsupervised, got it?"

"Yes mommy," Alli nodded. "I won't. But hey I'm good at swimming!"

"I know you're good, but it's still dangerous. Promise you won't do it, Allison?"

"Yeah, I promise," the girl rolled her eyes.

"Good... and don't you take that attitude with me, young lady!" Sarah exclaimed as she splashed her daughter with water. Alli's jaw dropped and she did the same. "Nooo I'm all clothed!"

"You should've thought about that before!"

The afternoon seemed to fly away in a flash as mother and daughter had the best time of their lives in the yard, between a water fight, the half-read page of a book, shark attacks and some mutual teasing which sometimes resulted in Sarah's threat to 'spank that little wet bummy of yours if you're not more respectful, kid'. That always made Alli giggle and laugh, but she did as told: she definitely didn't want another spanking, those two had been more than enough to relive that part of her past. They'd been great in their very peculiar way, but now it was time to concentrate on other things.

It was nearly six in the evening when Sarah announced she was about to make dinner.

"So early?" whined Alli. The Bergmans were used to dine no sooner than 7:00.

"Yes, so early, so we can watch the rest of "The Lion King" together before you have your bath," Sarah suggested, or, rather, ordered. "How does that sound?"

Alli's initial frowning turned into a smile and a nod as the prospect of watching TV with her mother was enlightening. As for the bath, she didn't know what to think, but after all she'd been through that day, to be stripped and put in the bathtub wouldn't have been such a big deal after all.

Sarah insisted for Alli to come out of the pool and follow her inside as she fixed dinner, and after some more whining the girl obeyed. Once out and still dripping wet, she did earn a little smack on her bottom to hurry her along. "Go in by the back door and wear your slippers and straight to the bathroom to get changed. I don't want water all over the house."

"Yeahhh," the girl rolled her eyes again, then quickly corrected herself. "Uh, I mean, right away mommy."

"Ah, good. And your new clothes are on the washing machine in the bathroom. You can wear those."

Sarah had prepared a pair of lovely purple jean shorts as well as a short cut-sleeved shirt which left Alli's belly-button uncovered. With her hair still a bit damp, her Hello Kitty! clothes and her little bit of paunch on display, she looked as childish as one could do. She wasn't late for dinner, which she ate chatting away about her pool adventures, and this time she even ate her spinach without a second thought, even though she did grimace here and there as she chewed on them.

After the table was clear, Sarah set up the TV again and plopped down on the sofa, wrapping herself and Alli in a warm blanket. As the movie ran on the screen, the girl found it natural to snuggle in closer and closer to her mother, until she lay her head on her chest and hugged her waist with her arms. She purred softly as Sarah stroke her hair and rubbed her arms and occasionally her belly through the blanket. Alli had never been of the cuddly kind as of late, and she was thoroughly absorbed by that physical contact. The soft, loving touch of her mother's hands and the warmth of her body next to hers was intoxicating, and she wanted that moment to last forever. She abandoned herself in Sarah's arms and let her cuddle her like a mother cuddles her child. She never protested or did anything to stop it, she barely even moved actually, and sure didn't look up at her... Had she done that, she would've seen a woman on the verge of happy tears.

* * *

The whole bath shimmered with glittering reflections as Sarah poured generous amounts of the phosphorescent bubble-maker in the tub. The light was off and dozens of candles lit the room in a magical sort of way. Alli watched in delighted astonishment as the preparations for her bath were carried out in front of her. On the counter lay her Barbie nightie, new light yellow panties and socks to dress her to bed; towels of all colours, bars of soap shaped like animals, bubble-maker and shampoo; a comb, a hairbrush and "The Little Mermaid" clips for her blonde hair; a soft heart-shaped washcloth. Alli had been taking showers since the age of eleven, and had thoroughly forgotten how a bath looked and felt and smelled like. It was a real treat for her.

"All ready, sweetums," her mother ruffled her hair as she sat on the tub ledge. She started working Alli's shorts and underwear down, then her shirt came off and her wrist and ankle bracelets as well. Alli just kept looking around the room in awe as if nothing was happening as her mother picked her up and deposited her in the tub. "Come on, get in so you can get all wet before mommy washes you."

That snapped Alli back to reality, and it was quite a snap. Even in her wildest projections of that day, she sure wouldn't have expected her mother to actually bathe her. That was something she didn't remember from her childhood at all, and since her oldest memories dated back to when she was about five, probably her mother had never done that after the age of three or four. That came completely unexpected, and Alli was unsure what to think. Sarah noticed the hesitation and the puzzled look in her daughter's eyes, but didn't say a word: she wanted this to be a thorough experience for Alli, and she wanted her to give up control and let her mother handle her just like a child.

At last reason overcame the girl's senses and she did as told, muttering a "yes mommy" and lowering herself in the tub to get wet all over. Sarah fetched the washcloth from the counter and lathered it with soap so that there was a lot of foam.

"Stand up, Alli, so mommy can wash you," she repeated in a soothing voice, smiling down at her daughter.

Taking a deep breath, Alli brought herself to her feet and stood in the middle of the tub, in her birthday suit and covered in foam and bubbles. It was the cutest thing Sarah had ever seen, and she proceeded to was her thoroughly, from head to toe. Alli stood still for the most part, giggling occasionally when the washcloth scrubbed her most ticklish spots, like the armpits and her feet. She winced a bit nervously when her mother's soapy hands washed the most private parts of her anatomy, but she didn't make a sound and wasn't scared: she trusted her completely, she knew she was safe and loved and felt exactly like that.

The most beautiful thing was when Sarah washed her hair, running her fingers sweetly through her blonde waves and kneading her head with gentle touches of her fingers. Alli cooed and purred all the way, forgetting that sometimes little children hate it when their hair is washed, but not caring about it: it was just being the most relaxing experience of her life.

All too soon her bath was over and done with, and Sarah was holding a large towel to welcome Alli in. But by then, Alli had no intention to get out. She had been playing with her toys for over twenty minutes after her hair washing, and was enjoying herself too much to just get out. After all, it was something she'd never experienced before, and she wanted it to last as much as possible.

"Nooo mommy, do I have to? I'm having fun here," she mumbled and got back to her toys.

Sarah could see that the irrational kid-like behaviour had definitely kicked in, in Alli, but somehow this was different. She didn't know why, but she sounded different. Instead of insisting, Sarah tried another approach.

"Aww honey I know it's fun to play, but you need to get out because it's almost bedtime. Mommy will read you a story, hmm?" she said sweetly.

But again Alli would have none of it: "No, I like it here better," she half-pouted, and Sarah realised it was eighteen-year-old Allison to speak. She had reached the point where she'd wanted her to be all day: the point where it was impossible for her to tell her 'two ages' apart. There was only one Alli now.

"Allison, please don't be difficult. I said bath time is over, and so please step out and let me dry you."

"No..." muttered the girl, glancing sideways at the woman. Why do I have to get out? It's just plain unfair, she thought.

"Allison Marie Bergman, you're inches from getting a spanking, and if I have to drag you out, you'll sure get one..."

"Well I don't care, I just like it here so get outta here and let me play!" Alli snapped.

She realised her mistake one second too late, when she saw Sarah's face light up with anger and, most of all, surprise: her daughter was such a mild-mannered young woman that she couldn't be rude to anyone even if she wanted to.

"What did you say to me?..." Sarah mumbled.

"I... I'm sorry, I... mommy, really, I... don't..."

"Out!" Sarah bellowed.

Alli's heart jumped but she did as ordered as quickly as possible. Once out of the tub, Sarah scrubbed most of the foam and some of the water off her body with rough scrubs of the towel, while Alli whimpered and looked at her. The fear she was feeling was now genuine, for she knew she'd screwed up and was in trouble. Unlike Sarah, she didn't consciously realise that she was in full regression. To be accurate, it didn't even occur to her they were still playing: to her eyes, this was as real as any other day in her life.

Besides, she had much more pressing matters to care about as her mother sat on the bathtub ledge, draped the towel over her own lap and then pulled and pushed Alli across her knees.

"No mommy no sorry I didn't mean to really I was just owwwww...!"

The girl's pleas got lost in the first of many yelps after Sarah's hand smacked down on her upturned, bare backside. And it had been a *hard* slap. A real one. And real were those that followed, hard and fast, all over Alli's bottom cheeks and some even lower, on her sit-spots and start of thighs. Sarah applied all of her new-found spanking ability to pepper those bouncy cheeks thoroughly, and she didn't hold back, but rather brought her arm up high and snapped her wrist.

Alli was conscious, more than anything else, to be stark naked and over her mother's lap for a real, painful spanking for disobedience. She didn't like it one bit, it was nothing like the embarrassing-but-after-all-cute experience of the previous two spankings. This was the real thing, and real were her tears, and there was no backing out of it.

After some two full minutes Sarah stopped, and by that time Alli's cheeks were a deep dark pink tending to red, and the girl was crying and squirming her petite frame, kicking her feet in the air.

"Mommy I'm sorry I didn't want to!" she said between sobs. "I'm sorry, please!... no more... oh nooooot thatttttt!"

She yelled that when she saw her mother reach for the plastic hairbrush on the counter and tapping it against her nude bottom. Sarah was being impulsive about that, but somehow she knew out of maternal instinct that it had to be done. She had brought Alli where she wanted her to be, total and unconscious regression to child-like state, when she could be as careless as she wanted, and her daughter her been enjoying that all day. But she knew she needed a call back to reality now, because the day was over, and that call back needed to be sharp and memorable.

CRACK! went the hairbrush, and "Aieeeee!" went Alli.

Besides, the girl needed to have a good cry, a thorough, good, hard and long cry. She never allowed herself that either, and this was the fastest, if a bit rough, way to get it out of her. As a Psychologist, Sarah knew very well how dangerous this all was, but was also very confident that it was the right thing to do for Allison in particular, and so she had no doubt.

The hairbrush smacked down hard on Alli's bottom cheeks, leaving dark red splotches on the fair-skinned girl every time it did. She cried and cried and cried, her shoulders shaking with sobs and her legs kicking the air frantically. She squirmed and writhed and twisted, genuinely this time, but she was small anyway, and Sarah was strong, and so she wasn't going anywhere. She lied there and got the hardest spanking of her life right on her bare bottom.

It took Alli a good thirty smacks with the brush before realising what was really happening: she was Allison Bergman, eighteen years old and freshly graduated from high school... she was a good girl, goody-two-shoes actually, a scientist-to-be... and none the less she was being spanked very soundly by her mother, while she was naked and vulnerable. The thought sank into her and brought her senses to life, and Alli felt a sudden pang of guilt and panic strike her.

"No... noooo! Mom stop, moooom! No more please I don't wanna play anymore!"

That was what Sarah needed to hear. As soon as Alli had spoken those words, the woman stopped, dropped the brush and gathered her weeping daughter face-up on her lap. She hugged her tight, kissing her face all over, drying her tears and kissing them off her cheeks.

"I'm here, Alli, I'm here and I love you," she whispered lovingly in her ear as she rubbed her back and hot, crimson red bottom. "It's okay, it's over, it's all over now..."

The true meaning of that wasn't unknown to Alli, who knew she was being brought back to her everyday reality. It was just like being born again, in a way, and what do new-borns do? They're given a spank on their bottom so they can cry, cry long and hard as they come to life. And who better than her mother could give her life again? That is what women do after all, and that was exactly how Alli felt, and she was grateful to her mother for that.

* * *

Lying on her tummy wasn't an option, but an obligated choice. Never had Alli felt such sting in her bottom! After a while, most of the scorching pain from the hairbrush had subsided, but some of the underlying sting still remained, the kind of sting that makes you want to scratch and knead at your sore flesh with your fingers. The girl had taken a long look at herself in the mirror before deciding she wasn't bruised or welted or anything; she was just plain well-spanked, and glowing red. Just like a naughty little six-year-old girl. She'd smiled fondly at that.

When Sarah entered her bedroom, she was greeted with a warm smile, if a sleepy one.

"Hi my angel," said Sarah.

"Hey mom." Alli opened her arms, indicating she wanted to be held. Sarah wanted the very same thing, and she sat on the bed aside her and wrapped her in a tight hug.

"You alright?" she asked. Alli nodded. "Good. How about your bummy?"

"Stings!" she faked a pout.

"Hmm, just as it should. Next time you'll think twice before telling me off like that."

Alli nodded and kissed her mother's cheek. "I'm sorry mom... it was like... oh, I don't know... I felt like..."

But Sarah shook her head no and crossed her daughter's lips with a finger. "Not now. Tomorrow. Now good little girls go to bed and they sleep tight, especially little girls whose little bum..." she patted it with a hand, "... is all red and sore."

Again Alli pouted, but a stern look from her mother reminded her she'd better not argue, so she lay her head on the pillow and closed her eyes. She barely felt her mother's lips kissing her nose and cheeks before she drifted off to sleep.

* * *

The sun creeping in from the window drapes awoke Alli the following morning. The girl twisted and turned in her bed for a while before becoming conscious of her surroundings, and when she did, the not-so-faint sting in her bottom was what surprised her the most. It wasn't all bad, though, and as she reached down to rub her skin, she noticed it was still warm.

"Wow," she murmured.

Memories of the past day flooded her mind, and she felt her stomach tie in tight knots. What had she done? Was she crazy? And her mother? Crazy too, definitely. She loved it. Alli glanced at the alarm clock, and her eye caught the high school diploma laying on the bedside table. She smiled and shook her head.

With perfect timing, Sarah entered her bedroom, switched the light switch with a wink and gave her daughter a warm smile. "Well, good morning, sleeping beauty," she said as she walked to the window and opened the panes. A warm, typical summery breeze blew in, waving Alli's hair.

"Morning mom..." Sarah said, still grumpy from sleep. "What time is it?"

Sarah leaned over and kissed her forehead. "It's the present, honey."

It took a while for Alli to understand, and she gave a soft laugh when she did. Sarah did too, and soon they were laughing so hard they could barely speak.

"Well..." Alli finally managed to say between chokes. "This little time machine of yours works just fine, but let me tell you it hurts to sit on it!"

Sarah laughed anew, and so did Alli. They hugged and exchanged kisses on their cheeks.

"I love you, baby."

"I love you too mom... Thank you so much for yesterday. I can't tell you how much I..."

"Oh no, you have told me already. You've told me all I needed to know yesterday. I'm so glad you could use it... could you? Was it that you were looking for?"

Alli nodded, while looking at her nightie and failing to repress a giggle. "It was a bit awkward at first, but then... I don't know, it just came out natural to behave like that. I was, like, totally immersed in it..."

"Oh, I noticed."

"... and that last spanking, I wasn't misbehaving on purpose, honest!"

"Alli? I know," her mother said, hugging her tight. "And I'm sorry I hit you. You know I'd never do that, and that I even regret doing it when you were little, but... well, it was the only way to make you relive your childhood, and at last, it was the only way for you to come out of it. Can you understand this part?"

The girl smiled and nodded fondly. "Yes, I can understand it very well."

"Aww, it makes me so happy to hear you say that. And whenever you're stressed, or the world feels like too heavy a burden..." She looked at the light switch beside the bedroom's door. "... just tell me, and the time machine will turn on."

Alli smiled. "Thank you... mommy."




The author is completely against the practice of non-consensual spanking applied to children and teenagers as a form of discipline: it is dangerous, violating and potentially abusive. All my stories are archived at http://www.geocities.com/haleys_stories/