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The Matchbook Kids. I'm guessing you've never heard of us, nobody has. Nobody cares about small suburbs of huge cities. But anyways, I'm Melanie, Mel for short. I'm 'the leader' of the Matchbook Kids. I know the name sounds stupid but I'm guessing that you don't know what it means. You see, we're all pyrokinetics, you know we can start fires with our minds. All of us can except for Davy, he can only control them, but he's still only ten years old. The group consists of ten kids/teenagers: Davy, Seline, Chris, Ryan, Tim, Katrina, Jack, Kirby, Seth, and me of course.
I'll start with Davy. You already know that he's ten; he's also my little brother. Our parents are dead so I pretty much take care of him. He thinks he's so cool because he hangs out with all these high schoolers and all. Actually he is pretty cool, for a ten year old that is. He has two favorites in the group, Seth and Katrina. I have told him to stay away from Seth, but he's a good guy so whatever.
Second we have Seline whose sixteen years old. She's also my best friend even though she's a huge slut. She thinks he'll find love by sleeping with numerous amounts of guys. Actually that's how I met Seth. I caught them in my room in my bed; I think you know what they were doing. I was mad at first but then I started talking to them and Seline and I were friends again and I found out that Seth was cool. Anyways back to Seline. I've known her she was three and I was four. Sometime she's bossy and annoying. But I still love her (in a completely heterosexual way may I add). She's always there for me and I'm always there for her.
Then there's Chris, another sixteen year old. I don't know him that well but that's because he's new. He's only been in the group for about two weeks. I think he'll end up being a nice guy, after he gets over his shyness. He's a cutie too, with his blue hair and eyes, his lip ring and all that good stuff. I'd go out with him any day, that's for sure. But I'm also sure that he'll end up doing Seline, everybody else has. But I don't care anyways.
Next up: Ryan, age seventeen. Ryan and I used to hate each other, but that was in the eighth grade. One day it all changed; we were on the bus and everything fell into place. You see his best friend suddenly became popular and Ryan wasn't really popular material. He was a tubby, flannel wearing loser that everyone kinda hated. I felt bad for him and started to talk to him. He was cool, and only later did I find out that he was a pyro (that's what we call people like us). That only made our friendship grow. Now we're good friends and nothing can change that.
Tim: seventeen. There's not much to say about Tim, only that he's kinda screwed up. That kid has got some shit in his head that no one can figure out. he's funny though, a practical joker. He has been ever since I've known him. It's sad because it all happened after his sister died. Timmy loved his sister more than anything in the world. I don't know why he didn't just kill himself after that; he had nothing else to live for. She was all he had, just like me and Davy. But everyone live Tim, that's what keeps him alive.
Then there's Katrina: eighteen. Killer K is what they call her, that or Big K. Either way nobody messes with her, or she will kill you. She's awesome and she's always got my back. I call her Kat though; I'm one of the only people who can. We're lucky she's on our side and not theirs because when one of us gets hurt you hear about a house getting burned down on the evening news. That's about all anybody know about Kat, she's mysterious.
Even more mysterious is Jack: eighteen. He's one of a kind, Jack is. I love him, I really do, but nobody knows that. He's one of those guys that your mom would hate for you to hang around with, that's only because of his motorcycle. Maybe because of the piercings and tattoos, but mainly the motorcycle. He's hot too; I mean sexy hot, with his tight ass and perfect muscles. Man, I just wanna. I'm not gonna tell you what I want to do to him. But I'm pretty sure he likes Seline, even though he constantly denies it. Maybe that's because I don't trust people very easily. Never have, never will, that's the way it works here. But enough about Jack, for now at least.
Kirby: eighteen, the troublemaker. He lies, a lot. He cheats, he steals, the only thing that he hasn't done is kill somebody. It probably won't be too long until he does though. Oh well, they'll deserve it. He'll go after his dad first. He hates his dad. He left when Kirby was only two. Beat his mom every night before he was born. I feel bad for Kirby though, he's a nice guy. Never deserved that shit - never deserved anything he's gotten. But I guess only God knows why Kirby's been punished so much.
Then there's Seth. He's the oldest in the group, twenty years old. He's still a junior in high school. He's got something called dyslexia, where letters and words get screwed up in his head. He's not dumb, actually he's quite smart. He masterminds all our plans, and he works. He lives in an apartment not too far from my house. He's like an older brother to me, he takes care of me. He's a great guy; he cares about everyone in the group except Jack. With that said you're probably wonder why I don't want Davy hanging around with him. Let's just say he has some bad habits: smoking, drinking, and drugs. He doesn't do that stuff when Davy's around and I'm there, but who knows what goes on when I'm not around. Anyways Seth's a good guy and I don't want you to think bad of him or anything because I love him as if he were my real brother.
I guess that's all except for me, but you don't want to hear about me, do you? I'm just a seventeen year old girl. I like fire and I can start it with my mind. My powers are strong o I get respect, but I also have a secret: I'm not human. Nobody knows that and I hope they never do. But who know, it could happen.

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