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She was sitting in the back of the bus flicking at her lighter as usual. Ryan was across the isle doing much the same thing as he stared at Melanie. 'God I wish I could talk to her so she'd like me as more than a friend!' Melanie tuned to him and smiled her warm smile, "Ryan?" she spoke softly, "why are you staring at me? Do I have something on my face?"

"Um.no. I was just thinking is all. Nothing important or anything. Sorry," he said forcing a smile through his pinched lips as he turned away from her.

"I know you like me if that's the problem," she said casually.

"How!? Who told you?" Ryan said as sweat dripped down his face.

"Nobody told me, you're kinda obvious. I've known for a long time Ryan. I'm sorry buddy but you know you're just a friend," she jumped across the isle and softly kissed his cheek. She jumped back to her seat.

"It's fine, you didn't need to do that Mel," he said with another forced smile. Melanie could tell he was still hurt, but she just sat there playing with her lighter.

One of the boys a couple eats ahead of the two turned around, "Oh, poor wittle Ryan turned sown by his only friend. Boo hoo."

"Shut up Pete!" Melanie yelled, " I would've turned you down before I even befriended you!"

"But why would I ever befriend a bitch like you?"

Ryan got out if his seat and walked up the isle. He stopped at Pete's seat and punched him in the face, "Don't you ever talk to Melanie that way! She's not a bitch, besides, she didn't do anything to you!"

Pete pushed Ryan backwards, "Shut up you stupid, overprotective nothing!"

"Ryan," Melanie said and he turned around, "don't fight, I don't care what he said. I know you're better than that. Don't lower yourself to his level."

Ryan obeyed and sat down. Pete followed and sat in front of Melanie, "So why don't you like this freak? You're a freak, he's a freak, you'd be perfect for each other."

"You're wrong you know," Melanie said back.

"No I'm not. There's nobody else in this school that plays with lighters, starts fires, or acts crazy like you do. Just you and your loser friends. You would have been better off with me when you had the chance and you know it."

"I hated you then and I hate you now. Nothings changed and it never will. You'll always be an ass and I'll always be me, freak or not. It's not my fault that you liked me a long time ago, and it's definitely not Ryan's."

"So now you're defending him like he defended you. How cute. When's the wedding? Is there gonna be cake? I could really go for some cake, preferably chocolate."

"Fuck you!" Melanie yelled as she wrapped her arm around Pete's neck. She put her lighter close to his face as he struggled, "You take it back! All of it! Stop being such a jerk! What did I ever do to you? How bout Ryan?"

"Let me go!" he coughed, "I'll do anything, just let me go."

"I could do that, but will I? I could always just burn your head off. Or I could make a deal with you."

"Deal?" Pete forced out, "what kind of deal?"

""You leave me and my friends alone. You can't talk to us or about us. You stay away from us and never sit back here again. Got that? Good."

"Yeah, sure," he said ripping himself away from Melanie. He ran to the front of the bus and at down. Melanie turned to Ryan, "How bout that? He's scared to death of me now."

"Yeah, whatever," Ryan said and tuned away. Melanie felt bad, but stayed quiet.


The bus slowly pulled up to the school and she got off and went to her locker in complete silence. She grabbed a couple of sketch pads and went to Seline's locker.

"Hey Mel, what's wrong?" Seline said putting on some lip gloss.

"Nothing," Melanie lied, "just never mind."

" What happened? Something bad, come on tell me."

"It's Ryan, he won't talk to me because I hurt his feelings."


"I kinda turned him down before he had the chance to ask me out. I feel so bad."

"Well what do you want me to do about it? Show him a good time for once?"

"No, but be nice to him okay."

"Fine," Seline huffed. She had never really liked Ryan because of his appearance. She was always one to hang out with 'beautiful people'.

"Hey girls," Seth said as he magically appeared behind Melanie, "What's up?"

"Nothing really," Melanie said sadly.

"Go away Seth! I told you to leave me alone!" Seline said still angry at Seth. This had been going on for a few months, maybe more. You see, shortly after Seline and Seth had 'been together' Seth found himself a girlfriend. It wasn't Seline so she got angry. Melanie hated the whole thing, but that didn't matter. Nowadays Seth was trying to fix the whole thing and that brings us to now.

"Come on Seline, can't you just let it go? You know Melanie hates it when we fight," Seth said.

"I don't care! What you did was cruel and hurtful. You know I cared about you and you got a girlfriend anyways!" Seline screamed.

"Well you should have listened to Mel. She told you that I was too old for you and I am. I was just trying to find someone a little closer to my own age. What I did with you was a mistake, but I never meant to hurt you."

"I don't care! I liked you so much and you were too blind to see it!"

"Mel was right, you are immature!" Seth yelled.

"Stop it you two!" Melanie butted in, "Stop talking for me - Wait no you can, I'll go," she said and walked away.

"This is dumb," Seth said and walked away a well. Seline just stood there, dumbfounded.


Melanie went to homeroom and was surprised to see Jack already in his desk. He was never there on time to any of his classes, or so she heard. She walked to the back corner of the room and he followed her. Melanie looked at Jack as he sat down next to her, "Hey Mel, you look sad. What's wrong?"

"Nothing, why the sudden interest by the way?" Melanie asked.

"You've been crying, let me guess, Seth and Seline were fighting again. I know how much it hurts you."

"They were," Melanie replied glumly, "Again, why do you care?"

"I just do okay. I don't know why you're so against the idea of me wanting to help you through a bad situation. All I want is to be a good friend."

"Since when?" Melanie asked suspiciously.

"Since forever. What do you say to skipping the rest of the day so we can go to your house and talk?"

"Is that code for 'let's go to your house and fuck our brains out'?"

"No, Mel I really do want to talk. We haven't spent time together for a while now. I miss that, don't you? So will you skip?" Jack asked so cutely that no girl could turn him down, "Fine," Melanie said, "but keep your hands to yourself."

Jack chuckled at this, "I know, I will, but the same goes for you. No touching Jack even though he's so sexy," Jack said as he ran his hands over his chest.

"Shut up Jack!" Melanie said as she slapped him playfully on the arm, "Stop being such a smart ass."

"But it's in my nature to act that way. You know you love it."

"Actually no I don't. You're being immature in a serious situation, I hate that. Why can't you act your age for once?"

"Geez, I'm sorry. I just wanted to cheer you up, I didn't mean any harm. I just wanted to see you smile, that's all."

"Okay," Melanie said turning forward in her seat.

"Hey Mel?" Jack asked.


"Does somebody need a hug? You look like you do."

"No, you heard me when I said to keep you hands to yourself."

"Come on, you need one and you know it. You're just too afraid of looking soft in front of your peers and in front of me. Why?"

"I'm not and if I were it wouldn't be any of your business. Besides if you're so desperate you could just say so."

"Fine, I'm the most desperate piece of scum you'll ever meet, now give me a frickin' hug!" he laughed the last part and Melanie let out a slight chuckle as he said it. Jack got out of his desk and hugged Mel from behind. She turned around as much as she could and Jack softly kissed her forehead.

"Hey you two! You know the rules about public displays of affection. Besides you two aren't even supposed to be by each other," Ms. Johnson said sternly.

Jack looked up at her, "We're very sorry, it's just that Mel's dog just died and she's really sad. You see she loved that dog so much and I was just trying to cheer her up. Can I just sit here today to help Mel cope with her loss," he smiled innocently at the teacher.

"Fine," Ms. Johnson said.

"Thank you so much," Jack said and winked. The reason he did that was very simple: Ms. Johnson was a young new teacher. All the guys gave her crap.

Jack and Mel talked about basically nothing the whole time in homeroom. When it was over they just left the room and slipped out of the building. They leisurely walked to Jack's motorcycle.

"So," Jack sighed, "do you want to walk or take the bike?"

"Who would bring your motorcycle back to your house if we walked?"

"Seline, she's the only one who can ride it."

"I don't really feel like walking," Melanie said, not wanting to give Jack any reason to see Seline.

"'Kay, that's fine," Jack said handing Mel a helmet. He got on and she sat down behind him. He started up the bike and they were gone.


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