Oh, the life I once knew,
I didn't miss you until you went away.
It's good to see you again,
Even if only for a day.
I may have taken you for granted,
That I'm so sorry for.
Please come back and stay, I fear
My heart just can't take any more.
Oh, all the familiar things,
Didn't always seem so dear.
Now that they all seem distant,
I need them to be near.
I'm so afraid to fly,
Because I know that I will fall.
I can't call this my home, no,
I don't feel at home at all.
It's not that I loved you so much,
No, I don't think that's the case.
It's that you were all I knew,
Now there's nowhere I feel safe.
I've stepped on people's hearts,
Trying to get back to you.
My emotions get the best of me,
My desire is just too true.
As I write this I cry,
Confused and all alone.
Who can I turn to now?
Where do I call home?
I've kept these feelings inside for so long,
I hope that now, you'll see,
I need something stable to hold onto,
Because I fear I'm losing me.