Fly silent on wings of soot,
Charcoal skies - ground underfoot.
Tattered feathers - sharp as blades,
Strewn together in this haze.
Broken wings catch my fall-
Fallen angel hear my call.
Siren's song on deadly flight,
In these starlit skies of night.
Fearsome, darksome, blanket warm,
Hanged upon my jeweled eyes charm.
Sweet as fright and poisoned dust,
Hot as fire and dark as musk,
Gliding noiseless on absent air,
Your broken wings will hold me there.
I'll feel you softly next to me
And in your heart
My thoughts will ring
And in my voice, the siren sings.
Upon your mind, upon your soul,
Upon your life, my talons hold.
Your love for me-
And mine for you
Eternal forever,
If this be true.