"Dear Diary, I saw Marcus two days ago. It had been quiet a few years since I had last seen him. I'm not sure if he recognized me since I was dressed as a man.
I tried to get back into the tavern but Captain was insistent on getting to the ship and leaving. He said something about the Navy being scumbags, and that we had to leave before they found us. I hope to be in touch with Marcus again. He looked very handsome.
Like I said we have been sail for now two days and are heading somewhere far, some sort of main land. Taz is getting very anxious and foul tempered. I have to walk him around the ship to calm him down. I think he is getting bored with the ship and wants to be out in the open. I wouldn't mind it either. "

"Erin, Erin?" Mercedes voice made me look up from my writing. "What are you writing?"
"My Diary," I replied putting it away. She nodded in reply as I yawned and stretched out on my hammock.
"You thinking of Marcus?" She asked out of the blue. What was I suppose to reply? I was! So shyly I nodded and looked up towards her as she hung her head over the top hammock.
"I don't blame you. You must miss him something fierce." Once again all I could do was nod. I did miss him something fierce.
"What about Tom?" I grinned looking at her once teasing gesture that turned into an innocent look.
"What about him?" She grinned like a giddy schoolgirl.
"I see the way you look at him!"
"What way?"
"The 'O look at him' look."
"What? I do not look at him like that!" Mercedes scoffed trying to be insulted. I just laughed, when a banging on the door interrupted out conversation.
"Get out on deck!" A rough voice hollered threw the door as a loud clattering above us followed.
Quickly we proceeded to grab two revolvers and run up the stairs after the man. Only two find the cannons being loaded and shots being fired. Another Pirate ship was chasing us down!
"Aaron!" Will called over to me and motioned for his help with a cannon while Merc ran up to the deck where Tom was calling her.
"Aaron, load the barrel!" Will hollered over the booming noises. Quickly I grabbed the cannonball and loaded it. "FIRE!" He yelled and lit the fuse. Once again we repeated it many times until Captain finally called it off.
"HALT! Stop the guns!" He yelled as the other ship pulled up beside us.
A grisly looking man stood atop the rail and yelled over to us, "Aye you have poor aim there!" He laughed a blood freezing laugh, "Surrender to us now, or be blown to bits"
"You would like that wouldn't you!" Captain replied heartedly, "I choose .neither!" He yelled back, laughing. " Over my dead body will you get any thing!"
"I can promise that young man! For you are dealing with one of the worst pirates out there, Captain Rogers."
"Rogers?" I whispered to Will, smiling he shrugged, "What kind of heart fearing name is Rogers?"
"Prepare to be boarded you scaly-wag!" Rogers yelled from his boat. His grew grinning, and the most ugly crew I have ever seen if I do say so my self.
"I wouldn't be doing that if I were you!" Captain called back as the men started to get the ladders ready.
"And why's that?"
"Because I have some of the meanest savages on my ship, worst than your breath! Which I presume is awful."
Rogers gave another bone chilling laugh at Captain, "I highly doubt that! I mean look at that sailor he is mostly skin an bones!" He pointed towards where I stood. Wait was he pointing at me?
Captain slid down the hand railing to beside me. Slinging an arm over my shoulder he yelled back, "AH but this is my finest blood bringer! The most savage on my ship of all!"
"What?" I whispered in horror.
"Just going along with it.act intimidating," He whispered back out of the side of his mouth. The ship across from us was rolling in laughter. " He's a cold blood killer!" I tried to put on a scary face but it didn't seem to be working.
" He looks like he's frozen in place with terror!" An old man yelled. I was not going to be insulted like this! Whipping out my gun I shot him square in the chest with out aiming.
Captain looked down at me with wide eyes, "Where did you?" He barely whispered.
"It seems he has quiet a shot!" Rodgers grinned a toothless smile, "But that will not stop us! Board the ship!"
Next thing we new the ship was being swarmed with smelly men, and all I was armed with was a pistol with only two shots left!
"Come here you." A man laughed as he charged towards me sword drawn. Automatically I shot him. Damn only one shot left!
Looking around I found a frying pan it would have to do. I turned around just in time to see another ghastly man coming towards me. Running I slammed the pan in his stomach and as he bent over slammed him on the head.

I looked around the fighting crew to see a man trying to get down into the hull of the ship. Throwing the pan I pegged him in the back of the head.
"Bull's eye!" I grinned
"ERIN!" I heard Mercedes call from the wheel. Running by the man I had hit I picked up he sword and leapt up the stairs to Mercedes who was dodging a sword threw the wheel.
"Hey!" I screamed to get his attention, and it worked because I found him running at me screaming his war cry.
Metal clanged as he drove me backwards to the stairs. Dodging and jumping I tried to stay off the end of his sword.
Dodge, left, jump, I tried to remember what my brother taught me. The man started to grin, as I got closer to the stairs.
"You have no where you go now!" He growled and lunged towards me. Just skimming my shirt he missed my side giving me the chance to push him down the stairs.
"HA! Now I do!" I yelled down to him!
I looked down below where I was standing to see Captain blade to blade with Rogers, the knife almost at his throat only getting closer. Behind him another man sneaked up with a pocketknife in hand. "CAPTAIN!" I yelled as I jumped over the edge on to the back of the man with the pocketknife. Captain fell to the ground as I pull out my gun and saw Rogers look down at his bleeding stomach and fall to the deck in a heap.
"Thanks" Captain breathed.
"Any time."