Coming Home
by: Chibi Yukie Isha

All I want to do is come home to you
I wanna chill
and drop a pill
like we usaully do
Is that to much to ask
when your flat on your back
and your taking it in like
what the hell did I begin
talk to me in those words
we use when
we can't look at eachother
it makes me feel like a kid agian

I told you once that this was the end
then I came back
and we did it agian
and just when you thought it would all mend
I burned you my friend

But when it comes down to knowing you
I don't know what to say
It's like I've been waiting for someone
to show me the way
into your brain
I want you to see through me
and know what I know
when I go away and leave you alone

Though 20 years from now no one will care
chances we are you wont be there
wherever there is
and that will be the sadest part of my life
when you discover your own will
and hold up that knife
pressed against my throat
you'll cut so deep but I'll deserve it

And all I can say now is
I love you
despite what I do
despite what I've done
I can't promise I will change
only that I want to
or that I would
in the end it's what we go through
to try and make it good.