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Spice used to be a very happy person. She had a husband and a baby boy, and they lived happily together in a big yellow house on a quiet suburban road. She and her husband both had a lot in common, and they got along very well. For instance, their favorite colors were both neon orange and pitch black, favorite foods were pumpkin seeds and pumpkin pies, and their favorite holiday was both Halloween. It all happened in one night, Spice's last night living there. The night that would change her life and everyone's life after her. And it happened so long ago...

Spice had genorously volunteered to go out to pick up treats for the trick-or-treaters that would be coming by so that he could spend some extra time with their son before giving out treats. Being the 31st of October, the little kids would be coming by in their witch, pirate, and Peter Pan costumes. Some might be fairy princesses and others big pumpkins or M & Ms. She herself had to find a costume for her newest child, her pride and joy, Christopher J. Bleming. It was a quick trip to the grocery store that she had to make, but she also had to visit a few other stores after that, so she told her husband before she had left she probably wouldn't be back before an hour was up, after dark, but before the trick-or-treaters came around.

She had been gone no more than an hour, to find no one home when she returned. Spice shrugged it off, as the park was only a two minute trip down the street, and as Spice had taken the car for herself, Andle had probably taken Chris down to play on the swings or tottle on the grass. She smiled as she thought to herself about her baby boy, getting around by himself on his own two feet now. He had now begun to talk and could say a few words, besides his baby babble. It was one of the cutest things she had ever seen, and loved to brag about him to the neighbors down the street. Yes, that's where Andle and Chris were, at the park, or so she convinced herself.

She saw the note on the door and made way to it, figuring it was from her darling husband that she loved to no end, alerting her of his whereabouts with Chris. She knew that he wouldn't just leave without telling her they were going somewhere, although she found it strange that he should stick a note on the door. Normally, they left all notes by the phone and they both found them just fine. No matter, Spice thought as she put her grocery bags on the ground while reaching to retrieve the note, at least he put it in a place where I'm bound to see it.

She opened up the note, smiling to herself all the while at the dear way it started, but her smile quickly faded as she dropped that note. That note that would change her life.

"Spice, Dear: I have your son. What an adorable little thing he is. I love his dark hair and adorable little smile, and that giggle noise he makes when you tickle his stomach. It's just too bad that soon no one else will get to see all of this. It's such a a shame I don't know his name, maybe I should just make up my own for him. How about Bobby? Or Jake? Or Lancelot? No bother, it won't matter soon, because eventually only the fish will know about him. This kid had a long life to live, too. He would have had the girls crawling all over him by the time he got to the seventh grade. I hope you weren't to attached to little cutesy-wootsey here. If you were, I hope you said good-bye before you left." A horrified expression was on Spice's face as she dropped the note and tried to scream, but the letter left her in such a funk that only a strangled noise could get out of her mouth before she ran into her house, trying to figure out what happened to her baby.

"Andle, Andle!" Her voice was quivering and her eyes filled with tears as she searched frantically for her husband. She wasn't sure where he was, if he was even in the house, but she knew she had to try looking for him, or living with herself would be unbearable. Through the kitchen she sprinted, or as close to sprinting as she could come in her laboured, horrified state. There was no sign of that dark mop of hair atop that tall man she had come to love. In fact, the only sign of life at all in the entire house was the TV that was blaring an old western, that was at the moment giving off loud gun shooting noises.

Spice suddenly had a realization that made her blood run cold. If Andle -- her Andle -- was gone, life would be meaningless. She ran as fast as she could into the living room, but stopped dead in her tracks as she looked at the scene lain before her. She dropped to her knees and screamed in horror, loud enough to wake the dead. Her husband was motionless on the floor with a bullet through his head and a puddle of blood framing his deep hair all the way down to his shoulders like it was noting the work of the devil himself. A note was beside him, drenched in blood, but still obviously readable. Terrified, she picked up the note and read it, trying to remain as calm as possible.

"Now you want your baby, right?" Fear flooded her eyes and brain as she thought of the numerous possibilities that could end up happeneding to her son. Torture, being left somewhere, sold for money, taken to another country... homocide. That thought alone was enough to make Spice want to kill herself. Just knowing that her husband was gone was scary enough, but if she knew that she would never see her baby boy again, she could never survive. None of this was bearable. She needed help; the police! But they woudlnt' get here fast enough. No, she needed a quicker source of action. She needed to find her Christopher James.

With her heart pounding inside her chest and throat, making it hard for her to breathe, she reread the second note, holding it with shaking hands. There was no clue as to where anyone might be in it, but she was posotive that the first note said something. Feeling stupid that she didn't bring the first note with her, she flew out to the back door where she came in, praying to God that there was no wind to blow it away, and on top of it all trying to remember anything that the note said that could be of any importance.

Note, need the note, where is it at, Jesus help me, curse the wind, where's it at? Spice was suprised that she could form any coherant thought at all in her mind, as it felt as if it had gone numb. It was too much for her, it couldn't be happening. She was a good woman; good mother and neighbor. She loved her son and husband, as well as her friends and family. Why should this be happening to her?

It was getting blurrier as the tears filled in her eyes threatened to spill over and fly down her face. After what seemed like hours of searching, but what was really only seconds or minutes, she secured a piece of paper in her hand. Trying to steady it enough to read it in one hand while brushing the tears from her cheeks with the other, she took important notice of the key words. Fish... good-bye. Fish... the lake! Good-bye... death. The thought made Spice feel sick to her stomach, but she took no time to try and stop the queeziness as she jumped up from the doorway and made her way outside. It was dark out as she ran around to the woods at the back of her house, so close, yet so far away. Spice, normally a very controlled person on things like Halloween, had a shadow of herself that terrified her, and when she heard the screech of a bat she would jump.

Spice ran with all her might to the river that was near the center of the woods. It wasn't very far in, as the woods were very thin. It was still possible to see houses, and if she screamed loud enough, people should be able to hear her, if the need would arise. She pounded over the ground, crunching instead of admiring the beautiful fall leaves as she would have noramlly done. There wasnt' much light comign through the high tree branch leaves, so it was hard to see the clearing that came, although when you got there, the full moon brightley shone down. There, right smack in front of her, Spice's baby lay with a knife stuck through his chest. Pools of blood lay around him and in the water and he layed still making no sound. Spice made no sound either, awaiting something to tell herself that he was alive. Something, anything. She stopped breathing and the only thing that she could hear was the thumping of her own heart and the throb of loud music from the local parties being held. She wanted to run to one of them, but couldn't bring herself to leave. Instead, once she was positive that he wasnt' waking up, she picked up her son and took the knife out of his chest. Holding it up into the air and looking skyward, she closed her eyes and shoved the knife through her own chest, her last thought being:

"If my baby boy can't live, I shouldn't live, no one should live."


As the legend has it, every Halloween Spice comes back to us and gathers as many baby boys as she possibly can and drags them to that same river. Her first stop is always at that house. She never got over her son's death and believes no baby boy should be aloud life is her own son couldn't have it. Starting when the sky is pitch black, she takes the knife she stabbed into her own frail body and murders all the baby boys she gathers, but at twelve o'clock midnight, Spice sticks the knife back into her chest and dissolves back to the grave, leaving the murdered dead adn the unmurdered alive.

Some claimed to have seen Spice. A young, frail, twenty-four year old woman with long, black hair down her back and dark, venoumous purple eyes. They say her skin is whiter than a ghost and everytime she shoved the knife into a child, she let out a hackling laugh, mixed with sobs, signifying that she missed life and her son. They say that they met her when walking down that river Halloween night. Some mothers claim to have woken up to see Spice taking their children, but they were powerless to stop her. Some even tell the tale that Spice has shown up when it's not Halloween, just along the edges of those woods. They say that she seemed to be looking for something, and most conclude that she is still unrest and looking for her son, believing he still may be alive. Although many of the people who witnessed a Spice murder, or claim to have seen Spice at all, were declared crazy, no one can explain where the dead babies laying in the water are coming from on November first. Whether the tale is true or not, no one knows, but even the non-believers are too scared to walk by a river after dark on Halloween, because of what they might find there.