You're you & I'm me
We have vastly different lives
You have the money, the glamour
More of the opportunity to live out your dreams
At least materialistically
You have your expensive clothes & shoes
Your well done hair, your jewelry
You knowledge of what's "in" & what's "not"
I, am depleted in riches
I must make do with what I have
I have less opportunity, less chance
But I have my intuition, my determination
I have my strong-mindedness, my confidence
My way with words, my ability to improvise
We say we are equals
Perhaps we are, perhaps not
That isn't the question
The question, not to undermine my trust in you, is
Do you accept me as I am?
Would you rather if I was more like you?
If I had your money, your chance, your knowledge?
If I knew what to wear, what to listen to?
Or would you have me no other way?
Me with me writings & feline eyes
Me with my tan skin & Spanish culture
Me with my middle class status?
Those are the questions that burn, unasked, within me
Questions that I have to swallow my Latino pride to ask
Questions that are stuck in my throat
But desperately need thorough answers