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Thursday, June 10 2004

Today's News

Breaking News: Teen Gazette Comes To Town

Today on June 10, 2004 the Teen Gazette comes to fictionpress. The Teen Gazette will be filled with information on movies, music, books, exciting adventures, and many other helpful and fun things and information for teens. The Teen Gazette will be updated each Thursday with new articles, tips, and other things that you may find interesting (hopefully). The editor of the gazette is Matt Liam. 'Matt's Tips & Thoughts' column will be featured in the Teen Gazette. Being our first day in business we hope you will enjoy and please tell us what you think of the Teen Gazette! Be sure to read every issue because there will be new information in each issue.

- Editor/Columnist,

Matt Liam

Meet Our Staff!

Below is a list of the people that make the Teen Gazette happen.

Editor/Columnist: Fifteen-year-old Matt Liam is the editor of the Teen Gazette and he also has his own column where he discusses issues on different things.

Movie Columnist: Jamie Lennon is a fourteen-year-old teenage boy who loves movies. He was hired by the Teen Gazette just a few months ago and he writes the movies column.

Music Columnist: Katie Martin is a feisty thirteen-year-old. She plays the piano and she also loves to sing but most of all she loves to write. So the Teen Gazette hired her and she writes the music column.

Book Columnist: Brandon Short is into books. He'd rather read a book than watch a movie so he gives the scoop on new books for teens that are coming soon. He also talks about books for teens that you may be interested in reading.

Fun Things Columnist: Amber Sparks is the sixteen year-old columnist for 'Fun Things' which is a little column that gives you a few things to do for fun.

Matt's Tips & Thoughts

Title of Column: Dating Right

What is love really? That's a question that many teenagers have asked me. Love, for us teenagers, is something that is hard to understand, or that's what all the adults say. But have you ever just stopped and wondered what love really is? Now all of you have girlfriends or boyfriends may know what I'm talking about. You see someone you like, you ask them out and then you start dating. I have some tips on dating, well it's really my opinion of the 'right' way to date. I've been talking to a lot of young teenage 'couples' about how they started dating and everything. I was surprised to find that the girls were the ones who asked the guy out! That's not the way it should be. I mean come on guys, show some courage and just ask the girl out if you like her. Don't wait for her to ask you. But I believe that the guy should ask the girl's father before he even considers dating the girl.

Now that you've asked the girl out for dinner, or another occasion, you've got to decide what you're going to talk about on the date. First off you should get to know the girl, ask her what her passions are, what she wants to be when she gets out of high school, and things like that. Tell her some of the things you like and just get to know each other.

It is best if you and your girlfriend/boyfriend do not get into sexual situations. Because that always leads to trouble. It's okay to kiss, hold hands, and hug but try not to go past those things. It's not a good idea to try and kiss your boyfriend/girlfriend on your first date together. Get to know each other and then the rest of those things will fall into place.

Now back to what love really is. I believe that love is a knowing that you have in your heart. It's a wonderful and beautiful thing, to fall in love with someone.

I know that you already know all the stuff I told about dating but it doesn't hurt to remind.

- Matt Liam

Movie Column:

Teen Movie That Goes Deep

By Jamie Lennon

Movies are a big thing in America today. We've got all kinds of movies, romance, action, sci-fi, fantasy, and many other genres of movies. But my favorite kind of movies are movies about teens going through tough situations. Movies like that have a message to give to the world. I have been doing a lot of research on a movie that came out in January 2004. The movie is called 'Thirteen'. 'Thirteen' is the story of a thirteen-year-old girl, Tracy, who is a content teenager living with her mom who is a beautician. But on the first day of high school Tracy sees Evie, a thirteen-year-old girl, who is like a goddess. All the guys love her and she's what you call a 'bad girl'. Tracy wants to be like Evie so she joins up with her and she gets involved in drugs, drinking, and sex. 'Thirteen' is a very frightening look into the adolescent world. It shows us what many teenagers are doing today.

The movie was written by director Catherine Hardwicke and thirteen-year-old Nikki Reed. The movie is based on some of Nikki Reed's life. Nikki Reed plays the girl Evie and she received an Oscar Nomination for her performance. The movie has stars such as Evan Rachel Wood, Holly Hunter, and Jeremy Sisto. Evan Rachel Wood portrays the troubled Tracy very well and she deserved an Oscar for her performance.

I encourage teens to watch it because it will really help you if you've been thinking about doing drugs and alcohol or of you're just having problems. Although I would only recommend it to teens 14 + because it is a very disturbing movie. But it is truly a movie with a very important message to teens.

- Jamie Lennon

Music Column

Jim Brickman's New Release

Katie Martin

For those of you who love pop/soft rock 'Jim Brickman's Greatest hits' new release is for you. Released on May 4, 2004 Jim's new cd is wonderful. With smash hits such as 'Valentine' (featuring Martina McBride), 'The Gift' (a Dove Award winner featuring Collin Raye and Susan Ashton), and other popular soft rock songs, Jim's new cd is a must have. Also featured on Jim's new cd is two exclusive new tracks 'Till I See You Again' and 'My Love Is Here'. On the cd is also five of Jim Brickman's piano solos, which made him famous.

Jim Brickman's music is loved by audiences of all ages. His new cd celebrates his tenth anniversary as Windham Hill's premier recording artist. The new release coincides with an extensive touring itinerary that includes select appearances on the east coast this spring, with additional 2004 dates to be announced for the fall and holiday seasons.

- Katie Martin

Book Column

New books of this year!

By Brandon Short

The authors have been busy and so have the publishing companys. There's quite a few new books for kids of all ages. For those of you who enjoy horses be sure to check out the newest books in the horse section for teens. The 'Heartland' series by Lauren Brooke has a new addition titled 'Holding Fast'. It is No. 16 in the 'Heartland' series. Also in the horse section be sure to check out Terri Farley's new book in the Phantom Stallion seires titled 'Untamed' which is No. 11 in the series. The Phantom Stallion series is excellent and all horse lovers should read them.

For those of you who enjoy the 'Geronimo Stilton' series be sure to check out No. 7 in the series titled 'Red Pizzas for a Blue Count'.

Today we will be discussing a series titled 'The Russians' and I highly recommend this series to anyone and everyone. The series is set in 1800 Russia and the story evolves around a aristocratic family and a poor family who livei n Russia. When Anna, a poor girl goes to work for Katrina, a Russian princess things get a little mixed up. Because Anna falls for Katrina's handsome brother, Prince Sergi. The two fall in love but must keep their secret safe because it is forbidden for a prince of Russia to marry a servant girl.

The series goes all the way to No. 8 and it is an exciting series filled with romance, adventure, and other things. Judith Pella and Michael Philips is the authors of the series. They can be found in bookstores every where.

- Brandon Short

Fun Things Column

Game To Play Outside

Amber Sparks

Now most teens today are busy with computers, Nintendo, play stations, and other things. But there are some other fun stuff to do outside if you just want to go outside or something. There's a game you can play outside called 'Guard & Crossover'. The way to play is you must have four people to play. Two of you get on a team and you make something (tree, box, ect,…) your base. The 'guards' of the base must not let the 'crossovers' to get on that base. The 'crossovers' start far away from where the base is and they have to try to get on the base without getting caught. It's a very fun game and great to play at night.

- Amber Sparks