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Thursday, June 17 2004

Today's News

Breaking News: Fifteen-year-old gets first book published

It has been announced that fifteen-year-old Matthew Sparks is getting his first book published. The book is about a fourteen-year-old boy who goes through peer pressure and how he gets into drugs and drinking. The story focuses around the character's struggle and how he gets out of all the drugs and other things. "I really want my book to be a help to people. That's all that matters to me," the soft spoken teen said. Matthew's book will be in stores and available online at the end of this year or the early next year.

- Editor/Columnist,

Matt Liam

Meet Our Staff!

Below is a list of the people that make the Teen Gazette happen.

Editor/Columnist: Fifteen-year-old Matt Liam is the editor of the Teen Gazette and he also has his own column where he discusses issues on different things.

Movie Columnist: Jamie Lennon is a fourteen-year-old teenage boy who loves movies. He was hired by the Teen Gazette just a few months ago and he writes the movies column.

Music Columnist: Katie Martin is a feisty thirteen-year-old. She plays the piano and she also loves to sing but most of all she loves to write. So the Teen Gazette hired her and she writes the music column.

Book Columnist: Brandon Short is into books. He'd rather read a book than watch a movie so he gives the scoop on new books for teens that are coming soon. He also talks about books for teens that you may be interested in reading.

Fun Things Columnist: Amber Sparks is the sixteen year-old columnist for 'Fun Things' which is a little column that gives you a few things to do for fun.

Matt's Tips & Thoughts

Title of Column: Peer Pressure and how to say 'No'

Peer pressure is something that all teenagers go through. It makes us do things that we normally wouldn't do. I myself have been faced with it and it is hard to go through. Pressure from your friends is especially hard. Often times your friends will do things that they shouldn't and then they want you to do it. You feel pressured to do it, you feel as if you have to do those things in order for your friends to like you. But you don't have to do drugs, aclohol, sex, and things like that just to please you friends. If your friends get mad because you won't do those things then they weren't your friends to start with. The best thing you can do is to say 'No' and walk away from drugs, alcohol, and other things. I know it is hard to say no especially when you are under peer pressure but just keep in mind that those things only bring you pain and suffering.

- Matt Liam

Movie Column:

Shrek 3 & 4?

By Jamie Lennon

It has been announced that Dreamworks is making a Shrek 3 & 4. 'Shrek 3' & 4. Already in the Works Jeffrey Katzenberg has disclosed that work on Shrek 3 began nine months ago and that work on Shrek 4 began three months ago. Katzenberg made the disclosure during an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald as he arrived in the Australian city for the local premiere of Shrek 2. "We have two more chapters to tell. Not unlike Peter Jackson did with The Lord of the Rings. The difference is they did have the guts to make all three of them back-to-back-to-back," he said, noting that in the case of the Shrek films, 13 years will have passed from the time the original began production until the fourth film is released in 2009. "We do spend three or four years making them," he said. "The nature of the process is [that] you get to see your work and view it over and over and over again -- and redo it and remake it in a way that live action doesn't have." Katzenberg credited Pixar's John Lasseter with "carrying the Disney flame," explaining that "Lasseter has all of those qualities that Walt Disney had as a storyteller. He has very much a childlike perspective in terms of how he looks at the world and how he sees things." It will be interesting to see what will happen in Shrek 3 & 4.

- Jamie Lennon

Music Column

Josh Groban's New Single

Katie Martin

I'm sure all of you are familiar with pop/classical singer Josh Groban. The young singer has a new single that is featured on the 'Troy' movie soundtrack. The song is called "Remember" and Josh Groban sings it with Tanja Tzarovska. It is a beautiful song and the music has an odd, yet beautiful, rhythm. You can buy the 'Troy' soundtrack at,, or any other online stores. It is also available at your local music store and Wal Mart.

- Katie Martin

Book Column

Left Behind Series

By Brandon Short

There's a book series that has touched millions and has become the New York Times #1 bestseller. The series is called "Left Behind". These books focus on the coming rapture that is going to take place when Jesus comes back for the Christians and it focuses on the people who are left behind. The story centers around characters such as Buck Williams a news reporter, Chloe Steel and her father, and other characters as they fight to survive being left behind. The series has been loved by Christians and non-Christians alike. I recently read the first book of the series and it touched me very deeply. They have also turned the books into movies and the movies have been adored by millions just like the books. I urge everyone to read these books because they are wonderful. They are based on what the Bible tells us about Jesus' coming and all should read them.

- Brandon Short

Fun Things Column

Bible Verses

Amber Sparks

There's a really fun game that many may not like to play but it is very fun. First you have to write down four Bible verses on strips of paper. Fold the papers up and put them in a bowl, basket, ect.,. Then one player picks a card and whatever the Bible verse is (like Psalms 1:3 and so on and so forth) they have to say it. Many people can play this game and it is fun. You can increase the number of Bible verses as you go on in the game.

- Amber Sparks