I'm a rose
Of an unordinary color
I'm not red or pink
Nor peach or plum
I'm a black rose,
With white tips.

I'm sometimes closed up tight
My thorns fresh and sharp, my black as deep as a void,
You don't want to touch me
For fear of being hurt.

I'm sometimes shut just a little,
Not quite a bud, not shut tight
My thorns are a bit softer
But approach me cautiously

Sometimes I'm a bud
As sweet as you please, with my petals softly curled,
You can kiss me lightly
But treat me gently

Very rarely, I'm bloomed
My inside white and pure, as white as my outside is black,
I'm bloomed in all my glory
With all my grace

Although my exterior,
Is so bleak and dark, it's just a protection.
My white tips always show
Never hidden

You might come across me
When I'm shut up tight, but I hope you realize
With respect and truth
I blossom beautifully

I am a rose
Beautiful, even when bleak
I am unique
I am a black rose,
With white tips