The night was cold and calm. As far as the eye could see most everything was shrouded in a crisp blanket of snow that so reflected the bright stars and full moon of the otherwise inky black night that none could bear to look at it long for it's dazzling whiteness. No breeze whispered that night in the forest filled land named Naelien, realm of the Night Elves, named after the star that had shone down and protected it's people since the beginning of time. It was nearing dawn, and the frosted realm was at peace, resting in their warm homes nestled in the trees, no sound could be heard, and no one saw the maiden approaching the realm on a horse so silvery white her coat shone as brightly as the snow under the night sky.
She stopped at a distance of about 100 yards from the realm, taking it in. Her long, thick, ebony hair was straight and hung around her face, which was pale from the cold, but did not lose it's exquisite beauty even so. Her features were classic, her lips full, and her eyes large and mysterious as their color depended on her mood. They were then a frosty blue, and she adjusted the thick, midnight blue Elven cloak she wore to ward off the cold as she stared at the trees at the edge of the realm. Her lips curled into a soft smile.
"We have made it," she whispered, and her horse, Luthien, tossed her fair head and silvery blue mane in response. "Onward we go. Home." The horse took off at a gallop, as the cold air cut into her face, the maiden began to sing, the clear, beautiful voice marking the return of Nienna Ringeril.