Doesn't it hurt you
To see tears run down my face
The product of all your yelling?

Doesn't it hurt you
When I sit in the dark
Listening to sad music?

Doesn't it hurt you
When I give you my imploring look
To see if you love me?

It must hurt you
That I doubt your love.
You don't seem to care.

Aren't you scared
When you see me own blood
Run down my arms?

Do you give a second thought
At my depression
Do you care at all?

Am I not worth
Your care and love
Your attention?

If I'm not
Why were you so cruel
As to bring me in this world?

Why didn't you
Give me up
And let me have more of a chance

Now I'm
Forced to keep going
With no support

And nothing works
And I'm all alone
And I've run out of words.