Cold floor, hollowed chill
Weep I won't, cry I will
Crystal tears, darkened eyes
Dizzy lurch, painful lies

I cry for this pain
Cry for last faith
Cry this night
Cry for grace

I cry for my pain
But more for those of others
Cry for the leaders
Cry for those who follow

Cry in my loneliness
My darkened being
Cry for survival
Cry for living

I cry for those I love
Cry for their pain
Cry for my lack of ability
To comfort or explain

I cry for my hopelessness
Cry for shed blood
My tears overwhelm me
Forsaken flood

I cry for my dreams
And whatever's holding me back
Cry for my soul
Lost and black

I force myself to cry
These tears I make
For I did not
I'd fall.
And never wake.