Self-sacrificing, puts others before herself
Her problems in a lower drawer, those of others on a shelf
She cares so much for others, although they may not tell
She'd jump in front of a bullet to make sure someone lived will

But when the day's over and she comes home
She realizes she's all alone
And let's herself feel the pain of the day
Which she'll keep safely locked away

Until she's where she can brood on it
In a dark corner she'll weakly sit
Hugging herself, trying not to scratch
For all her pain, that's a catch

Darkly beautiful, mystical remorse
Green eyes mapping out her life's course
Pale skin lifeless but blemishes discreet
Clammy cold all the way to her feet

Dark hair covering clear eyes
Bright with new tears, cold with lies
Black tears, make-up runs
A look as deadly as unlocked guns

This is her escape, her depressing way
Week after week, day after day
Black spirit to match the tears
Shake stature to match the fears

She desperately needs a shoulder to cry on
Arms to hold her, a body to lean on
Whenever she needs someone, they can't be there
Alone she's forced to bear the things she had to bear

She wishes she could pour out what she feels
Until there's nothing left to slowly peel
Away from what has stuck to her from the past
Wondering why pain seems to last

Depression is her torment
Beating her like a torrent
Of cold water on a winter's day
Too cold to breathe, too cold to say

Perhaps she'll escape one day to pass
And find a way to be herself at last
For now she remains, alone and afraid
Her heart distressed, her soul enraged