Looking into the night
Watching stars twinkle in the vast expanse
Hoping you see the same sky as I,
Longing to hold you in my arms again.

Watching the stars twinkle and fade away
Die away in the darkness of time,
Reminding me of how you left me alone
In this world of hurt and pain
Where I fade away like the stars in the sky.

Why you left me here, I may never fully understand,
Why you broke my heart, I may never comprehend,
Why you refused to see the love we had, I may never learn,
Why you turned away from your kindred spirit, may still hurt me when I die.
Oh why
Oh why
Do I still cry
Cry for you?

Memories of you dance before me, sparkling like the midnight stars,
I want to relive each one again and again,
I want to feel you embracing me again,
Dancing with me again
Kissing me again.
But all that will never be
Ever again,
You told me it was never meant to be.

Your words are warm arrows of desire in my heart
Comforting and painful all at once,
A poison I cringe from and long for every time I see you
Every time I hear you
Feel you.
I remember how you hurt me
I remember how you never left my side when my life shattered into rainbow
You picked up the pieces and helped me put myself back together
Since the day you broke my heart, you have always been there.

My roses bloom and die,
Their thorns piercing my heart as their beauty grows,
Each one a blossom of a memory
A dream
A star in the blackness above,
Each one a memory
Of you.