You trip me
I fall
Slowly, painfully

You laugh at
My defeat
Standing above me

Looking down at me
In serious contempt
Goading your "victory"

I crawl away
You think, to die
I think, to rest

Your hideous laughter
Keeps on
You're so sure I'm beat

Suddenly, surprise
I'm getting up
Slowly yet surely

You're not so confident now
You stare, frightened
At my torn, yet strong, figure

You thought you won
You're sadly mistaken
I have fight in me yet

I stand up slowly
You back away as I
Advance towards you

You stumble and fall
Over your own clumsiness
Cowering in a corner

I could beat you
Hell, I could kill you
But I'm stronger than you

I put out my hand
An offering of respect, of strength
You scorn it

I turn away
You let me walk
Then call me back

I help you up
My enemy, one
Who caused me strife

I can help you up
After you've pushed me down

You're scared now
You defeated yourself

Can I convert you?
Accept me

Mutual respect and trust
Can save you

Don't gotta like me
Just respect who I am

I'll respect you
And give you indifference, if that's what you want

Have trust
In me