We toil on and on
Everyone tells us that we're wrong
It all seems to take too long
We try to put it into song

We express ourselves in ways
That we work on for days
The creative mind lays
As the sunshine throws its rays

Expressions of what we hold inside
We don't try too hard, we loosely bind
All the truths and those who lied
We sometimes wonder what's in their minds

We strive and sweat, work and cry
And all we can do is hope and try
Tears of angst until we're dry
What good is truth if there are lies?

We reach and reach and reach so high
And we try so hard to just get by
We sometimes wonder if it'd be better to die
Nothing is worse than our "strength" defied

But still we toil on and on
And everyone tells us that we're wrong
And it seems to take entirely too long
All we try is expression in song