Swirls around me
Filling me
With a sense of longing
For a civilization
With the realization
Of the need for determination
And not so much altercation
All the fakeness
Leaves me feeling hopeless
The feeling is listless
Faithless, senseless
This damn immaturity
Fully annoys me
To where I almost feel guilty
For what I'm feeling
But people these days
Can't seem to act their age
Caught up in crazy ways
They seem to think ignorance pays
Drugs and sex are main attractions
Obsession with hair and latest fashions
Knowledge no longer has any traction
But we all hold one great mission
To stop the ways of the immature
Who act like kids holding onto the floor
They ain't never gonna get out in this world
Stuck in their towns with forgotten lore
We need to stop this hellish immaturity
Raise and lift our abilities
Not give in to false realities
Rise up and stop the immaturity.