Chapter 1

*A little introduction*

Ever since I was a little girl I was interested in the things most princesses would never be caught looking at. Fighting was my passion. By the young tender age of ten I learned most things even boys won't learn until they were sixteen. And people said my knowledge about this sport was faultless. It was first a secret, but soon Father found out and began bragging to his friends. Now I was known as the Warrior Princess. I also learned how to use the traditional glaive, wield a sword, and use a stick. It might not be fancy, but a stick is a great weapon used in battles and competitions. I didn't consider difficult items. So the red polished stick became my favorite.

One day when I snuck into the village streets and went to the market place to look at everyone's wares they had to offer and bought some distant spices for the cook and some ink for the maid who loved to write poetry. When I was walking back home I saw a poster my father posted up it read: a martial arts competition for all! It was one of those "entertainment" affairs. Daddy proclaimed to claim more face with royal blood. But I was thrilled the tournament didn't state no women allowed. I could enter! I practiced day and night burning with hope that I'll win and not hide behind mother and father. For god's sake I am almost thirteen! Wasn't that considered independent? When I'm sixteen I'll have to marry and that'll be the end of my adventures and the end with stuffy courtiers and boastful princes. The event finally came. As I quickly placed my peasantries just in case father spotted me and decided to embarrass me again. The competition was horrible. Except one in particular. He had black hair and gleaming mischief silver eyes. He was announced as the blacksmith's youngest son. He was surprisingly talented for a boy. I humbly stepped into the arena when I was announced Aurora the weaver. The men snickered and taunted how in the world a weaver can fight?

"Insolents." I muttered under my breath. Quickly knocked out the leader of asses. Astonished gasps with a heavy silence broke by the crowd roaring. I looked out into the sea of faces pumping their fists into the air yelling of congratulations and victory. I proudly made it to the top two and faced to those very irritating silver eyes. "After you milady." I spoke mocking his cheap charms. "Gladly." He spoke chuckling. Ugh. He was a good fighter I'll give him that but to cocky for his own good. He was swift when I let out my roundhouse kick. He executed his punches in perfect rhythm. In the end I let him win. When father finds out my identity I don't think he'll let me join his 'precarious' army. He was rewarded a gold medal and the prize money and also the acknowledgement of joining the army when he reaches the age of eighteen.I was given a smaller sum and a silver ring with a carving of the Imperial Dragon that I lost in the lake many days ago. I laughed silently. Father is smarter than he lets on. The boy sauntered toward me and congratulated me on my victories. He politely told me his name was Ryu and asked me mine. I did a deep curtsy taking off my dirty garments revealing my white gown. And announced my princess title. He stared boggled I laughed genuinely for once and slipped him my ring as a promised we'll meet again and fight. He smiled widely and gave me his beloved silver cross to have faith that we will meet. We bid our goodbyes and heading in opposite directions. He walking back to his village, and I was escorted back to the palace. I looked back hesitantly, seeing him doing the same. We exchanged one last smile. Before continuing back at our daily duties. Not knowing what Destiny and Fate had in store for us.