Chapter four

They stood along the long cream walls around the ballroom with their murderous sinned eyes and blood stained skin as their leader stepped out behind the king's throne, and settled his sinister blade calmly on Father's neck as if that was how he always greeted him, with a sword against the throat.

No breath was uttered.

The crashing and unsheathing of silverware stopped, the masked dancers stopped in mid twirl like marionettes, and the quartet stopped in mid song killing the passionate tune, stunned into disbelief.

A feverish whisper, a click of a heel and a loud off tune note sealed their unforeseen arrival.

The leader adorned in his rain studded black cape and gold piercing grinned showing his predacious decayed teeth, and moved his blade closer to Father's throat looking down at the spectators pausing in their drinking and dancing.

"Why," The first word coming out deep and delighted. "What a welcome. After my twenty years of absence I am still remembered! I must say I am very, very flattered." He mocked dripping with false sweetness. The eleven others snickered, drinking in the color of the Royals faces as they all became ghostly paled.

He grinned again his monstrous face twisting into a maniac's features, and uttered the two words that set off simultaneous chaos and havoc which he created two decades in the past.

"I'm back."


The King of Aria closed his eyes and grasped his wife's trembling hand tightly as the tyrant went on with his syrup coated speech, spouting out false pleasantness, veiling his sadistic nature. King Kyros Andres Allistar tried in vain to ignore the cool metal resting on his throat, and the sour breath of the Devil's servant behind him locking everyone in fear with his relaxed tone. He shouted in his mind a hopeless plea to the gods. 'Please. Please keep Asunta safe.'

The lightning crackled outside.


I fumbled with the long silk of my dress and hurriedly ran through the hallway to the doors of the dining room, sparing a glance at the clock overhead as it hurriedly ticked around the golden trimmed ring. I inhaled and patted down my windblown hair and opened the doors, voice in mid apology expecting a wagon full of Father's old friends and their young awkward looking sons. My mouth promptly dropped open.

The dining hall was empty except for a dirty red haired boy stuffing his sack with our finest set of imported oriental silver ware while singing Fool's Ditch.

Fill me up with a toxin or two

Why? Because I'm a blind man's fool

Fill me up the night is young

Stick a spoon-

"What do you think you're doing?" I asked incredulously as the doors swung back loudly resonating through the large room. He slowly turned around with widened eyes, a silver spoon sticking out of his mouth and a golden goblet in hand. He smiled weakly, and offered me a cup. "Would you like some wine Princess?"

I opened my mouth to scream bloody thieves, but a clothed hand was already over it, and I breathed in the warm smelling leather.

"Now, we won't want to cause a commotion." A low voice said from behind as his warm coarse fingers tickled my face making me flush. He had one hand over my mouth and his other around my waist pressing me towards him. I closed my eyes. He smelt like rain and something sweet. I broke out from the enchantment and elbowed him in the stomach.

"I think I'll cause a rather large commotion thank you, because you just happen to be thieves!" He looked amused and unaffected by the blow as he stood with a large crown lying haphazardly on his dark hair as he lazily leaned against a pillar. "And very drunk ones as well!" I pointed to the red head who was still singing a very slurred version of Fool's Ditch very passionately to a portrait of a former Knight.

He crossed his arms still infuriatingly amused.

"Are you done now your majesty?" I glared icily at him. "Almost." I threw a blind shot at him before he intercepted it. I swung with my left and he intercepted it again with ease.

"You were must better a few years back Princess." I gave him an annoyed look before breaking out of his grip and tripped him on to the ground with the wind knocked out of his cocky mouth.

"Firstly, I still am." I said curtly before plucking the crown off his head and stepping over his stunned form. "And secondly I don't know you so you wouldn't be one to judge my fighting technique." The redhead let out a long whistle, and laughed drunkenly. "She knocked the wind outta yooou!" Slurring before tripping and falling down on a chair comically and promptly fainted. I replaced the crown on the purple pillow on the pedestal gently beneath the portrait of Sir De Fending and bowed my head in respect.

"She goes from wild cat to a gentle nun in less than a twitch of a hand." I turned around to see the same insufferable fiend up and all arm crossed like never before. "De Fending happens to be one of the greatest knights of all time. Maybe you should learn some manners and pay some respects. "Ah, but you see I am." He said holding up a finger as he walked towards me.

I raised my eyebrows demanding an explanation.

"I am stealing from the rich to divide for the poor so we can all live in equality. De Fending's greatest wish." He raised his hands in a gesture for me to admit that his non existent brain existed. "That is a bunch of a bull and you know it." He gave me a mockery of shock.

"Why the princess has a sharper tongue then a fisherman's wife." I ignored him, and quickly settled his drunken companion into a chair and plucked the abused spoon out of his intoxicated mouth, and slammed it down on the dining table.

"Stop your wise cracks and tend to your friend. He is too drunk to even stand." I paused while grabbing the door handle. "The guards usually nod off after midnight." I said icily. He smiled slowly. "And if I find out that even one silver spoon is missing I'll hang you personally." I said more than ready to slam the door. He placed his hand on the wood and stared at me.

"How are you so sure you don't know me?" he asked curiously. I raised my eyebrows. "How are you so sure I do?" his face stretched into a lazy smirk. "I think I would remember one as arrogant as you." I said dryly trying to get that smirk off of his face. It didn't work. "And I do not associate with thieves." I finished hoping that would insult him.

He laughed. It wasn't a dainty laugh, or a polite one. It was one of pure amusement where he threw back his head, and laughed his silver earring catching the chandelier light. "And what happens to be so amusing?" He grinned and ran his fingers through my cheek I felt myself flush cursing at how normal it felt for him too touch me. The tips of his fingers sent electricity coursing through my veins. He's a stranger. I counseled myself in my mind. "It is just Lust's doing." He smiled and I looked him in the eye. They were smoldering.

"You are helping us escape so therefore you are associating with thieves." He whispered softly as his hand sent trails of sparks on my earlobe, and massaged it slowly. He blew softly making me feel hot all over. The corset felt tight, and my mouth felt parched, and my breathing felt labored. He paused playing with the silver chain of my necklace. He pulled away abruptly smiling almost sadly, and walked toward his friend, leaving me aching. I exhaled wondering how he completely melted my icy demeanor so fast. And leaving me, utterly confused.

I stormed through the hall, and turned a corner before stopping suddenly and fingering my earlobe. It was bare. I cursed loudly wondering why on all days I showed mercy and to someone as ungrateful as that thief.


Eleanor, The queen of Aria clutched the arm rests as she watched the assassins finish off the last of the Royal Guards slicing them thoroughly. The aristocrats panicked behind their masks and shaking wine glasses as the blood spilt over the white marble floor.

It was a royal blood bath.

The Sinners laughed as the last of the Guards had his head lobbed off and multiple stabbings until his sword finally fell to the ground with a brush of steel and marble. The drop of the sword signaled Aria's last line of defense. To the assassins the sound signified sweet victory. A wiry assassin licked his blade cleaning off the blood hungrily. The ladies wilted in their bright dresses and hid behind their fans. The men appeared brave beneath their masks, but their hands were shaking. Ice cubes swimming in the intoxication knocking against the glass like death bells.

"Who's next?" The tiny man sneered finish cleaning his weapon as he eyed the flock of defenseless beings.

The leader chuckled behind Eleanor making a rush of fear crept over her mounting over her distressed emotions. "Settle down Rattail. I think we should wait until all the Royals are here. It would be unfair if they all didn't get to see blood be spilt since themselves so enjoyed it so very much when they killed our elders." Eleanor looked out of the corner of her eyes as she saw the blade being pressed harder against her husband's throat and saw a glimmer of pain through his stoic mask.

Eleanor held back the flood of tears wrenching her heart as she sat watching the sea of faces below her tremble and quietly sob for the knights strewn across the red floor with their swords dead in the heat of battle along with them.

A murmur went through the blood thirsty sinners. "Who's missing?" Wickedness glimmered in their leader's eyes as he licked his lips and motioned his head to the empty chair beside Eleanor.

This time the tears escaped.


Asunta streaked down the hall to the ballroom fingering her necklace. 'I can't believe Father is having a ball and didn't tell me!' She turned the corner and opened the door which was still slightly ajar. Her eyes widened peering into the ballroom. It was unbelievably still. She pondered until her eyes felled on the sight on Father's throne.


She slowly pushed open the doors revealing the scene before her of dead knights and white faces.

"Well, look at that. The princess has finally decided to join us." Asunta slowly looked back up at the beast behind her father's chair. It was the Devil himself. The Death lord grinned and slashed his sword mercilessly spilling speckles of blood beside Mother. Asunta watched on as her heart stopped and watch her Father's eyes grow lifeless.

Outside the thunder sang.

The leader took the crown from the murdered king and placed it on his with a sigh of satisfaction a look of serenity creeping over his deformed face before opening up his red eyes, and sliced his dripping blade through the air as everyone took in the flash of blood.

"Kill everyone!"

Much thanks to deathgazer3 and Athene Saille