A Hole in My Head

You're like a hole in my head,
And as the life seeps from me,
You crawl deeper inside,
And begin your cruel infection.

You're like a deadly obsession,
Taking up my time,
Controlling, Revolting, Growing,
It's time for me to stop feeding this madness.

You're like a degrading disease,
A vicious cancer eating at my organs,
Until there is nothing left,
It's time I leave and look for a cure.

You're like an addicting drug,
A poison invading my senses,
And I'm coming back for more,
Worshipping it like a religion.

You're like a curse that's destined to kill me,
A hex that was secretly casted on me,
Because I wasn't in my circle of protection,
I should'nt have been so naive.

You're like a bullet penetrating the skin,
Spreading throughout me,
Until you're ripping right through,
And along you take my soul.

You're like a hole in my head,
Taking me, Breaking me, Shaking me,
You've done me no good,
Here I rest without peace.