Close your soul to me,
Because I am just a virus.
I dirty everything I touch,
Breaking it with infection.

Like a needle that sips blood,
Bile filth flows through my veins.
Clotted is the sin I birth,
And I've murdered all my morals.

Death surrounds the air about me,
Like a contagious omen.
The putrid rancor is carried by the wind,
Until it burns inside your nostrils.

Like an anthrax that can't be contained,
My love for you is restraining.
Like a worm that digs holes inside your heart,
I am a parasite.

I feed off of coagulated blood from inside a rotting corpse,
Until there is none to be had.
And like a disgusting little maggot,
I proliferate with such ferocity.

As a cancer that sweeps over your body,
I will not give up without a fight.
Close your emotions to me,
Don't let me be the one to win,
I am just a parasite.