Nature's Circle

The sunlight,

The sky,

I can feel it exploding,

And dying.

The trees,

The air,

We breathe it in,

Until we wither away.

The fire,

The water,

As the earth begins to crumble,

Because of our intentions.

The coldness,

The heat,

Sometimes we melt,

But I am just frozen.

The flowers,

The pain,

You can see me flying,

Until I fall.

The ashes,

The tears,

After the rain,

There is no more sorrow.

The sins,

The smiles,

We see only what we want to,

And then we meet a collision.

The wind,

The ocean,

You are just false,

Beneathe the faded purple sky.

The screams,

The pleas,

Out in the open,

We slowly turn to dust.