For almost 70 years the possibility of Extraterrestrial life forms have fascinated the human mind. In this project the fascinations of there existence, essence, and sensibility will be reveled. Roswell, Area 51, Government cover-ups, shadow people, area S-4, Crop circles, supernatural beings that fly down into the nights air, what does it all mean? I guess you will have to find out.
Lets start with the beginning, what really happened 50 years ago in Roswell? Washington CNN stated "so called who supposedly crashed in the New Mexico desert fifty years ago were only 'military dummies' used in a high altitude parachute drops" but, if this were true, why would it take fifty years to expose this information to the public? In Colonel Phillip J. Corso's 'The Day After Roswell' he writes, " Something crashed or was shot down in Roswell, New Mexico, in July 1947. A few days later, government security was set up tight around the farm in witch the crash occurred. Something was taken away in trucks. Wittnesses saw the crash, many saw the wreckage and the bodies. Through the years, they have come forward." So, could they have just been 'dummies'? Dean Crosby, director of the international UFO museum and research center in Roswell, said, "The report raises more questions than it answers." She says, "pictures of the 'air force dummies' look like mannequins and, if that is what they were, what does that say about the people in the military, who cant tell the difference between mannequins and bodies?" Will the mystery of Roswell ever be solved? Or, will it be implanted in our minds only as a memory with no plot? Who's to say.and why wont they?
All of us have heard of area 51, but what is it hiding? That is a question that cannot be answered in a simple six- word sentence. Around the area where it is supposedly located there are lines of orange posts. If you pass these posts and the 'Deadly Force Authorized' sign, you are fined six hundred dollars. If you pass again, you will be sent to jail. Many strange things have been seen around the pirimeter of area 51. Most of them are explainable, but there are those that remain a mystery. Area S-4 is a spot located 16 miles south of Area 51, this is where supposedly alien spacecrafts are worked on. One of my major sources, have supplied me with this information, "All of the buildings at S- 4 are painted with a textured paint that looks like sand. The reason for this is spy satellites. The sand color makes it blend with the desert surroundings so if you took a satellite picture of it, it would look like a dessert." Some workers from S-4 have come forward, there names will remain anonymous for security reasons, they have admitted to working on space crafts and being in contact with aliens. Has the conspiracy theory of life gone to such an extent, that the government must result to irrational cover-ups? The question of Area's 51 and S-4 are still out there, but more remain.
What do you think when someone says Men in Black? An extended line of movie franchise? Well, that's one theory but, says, "MIB's are people that are dressed all in black and visit people that have had a UFO sighting or a UFO related experience and tell them that what they saw wasn't. They will take all evidence like photographs and written things while never saying the letters U-F-O or anything of the sort." They are a main ingredient in the cover-up of the truth. John keel says, by his experience, "Mysterious men dressed in Air Force uniforms or bearing impressive credentials from government agencies have been silencing UFO witnesses. We have checked a number of these cases, and these men are not connected with the Air Force in any way. We haven't been able to find out anything about these men. By posing as Air Force officers and government agents, they are committing a federal offence. We would sure like to catch one. Unfortunately the trail is always too cold by the time we hear about these cases. But we are still trying." Many questions have been formed of the men in black, and after the release of the comedy movies, It has all became a joke to the human ears.
Of coarse though, not all think of aliens as a joke. On the popular late night radio show 'Coast to Coast' the subject of 'Shadow people' was brought up. The shadow people can be classified as many different things, spirits, demons, or extra terrestrials. People have caught them on video, and many have had experiences but none as mesmerizing as a person's experience, just watching television. Their name will remain anonymous. "My friend and I started talking, about what I have no recollection, when suddenly from the TV emerged an energy form, that was somewhat human moved toward me rapidly, before I could do more than sort of inhale and rear had emerged. Like it walked out of the TV, literally went partially through me, and exited out though the window behind me. My friend and I were sitting there with our mouths open. We literally could not speak. I finally croaked out..."did you see that?" I was trying to pat myself, had I felt this energy form go through my body. My friend had indeed seen what she described as a "form of smoke" come out from the TV and go partially through me and out through the window. This was remarkable. I don't know why I think this (maybe there was some kind of consciousness transfer when it moved through me) but I believe "they" can utilize wave transmissions to move about." The tales of the shadow people will remain a mystery of time until the unforeseen shows itself.
Then there is another mystery.Crop circles. There are many different theory's for crop circle like, "Crop circles are made by people, straight and simple, and anyone who tells you otherwise is either misguided, a fool or a charlatan." - Dr David Whitehouse, BBC News Online or, "I believe crop circles are created by planetary elementals of the air called "Sylphs". Sylphs may also be called "Wingmakers". In the Encyclopedia of the Occult by Manley P. Hall, the chief Sylph is named Shad and he is very ancient and powerful." anonymous. But we all know the truth, its plain and simple, Crop circles are the results of extra terrestrials. They are one of the most questioned extra terrestrial related phenomenon known to man. They control anonymous believers minds, and they keep the skeptics nagging, the thought of extra terrestrials control the world. The crop circles however, control the beings who inhabit it. Sylvia Browne's musings
From her book "The other side and back" Sylvia Browne says " Aliens will begin to show themselves in the year 2010. They will not harm us. Instead, they will be here to observe what we are doing to this planet. They will also teach us again to use anti-gravity devices as they did during the construction of the pyramids." Is this true? We have nothing left to do but wait. Maybe one day, you will be the one to find the truth, with your own phalanges. I feel I have left you with more unanswered questions, than answered ones but if there are no questions, there are no answers. The truth is out there.