My Angel

My prayer was for God to send me a miracle
Something to release me from my pain
To end my running from the hurt
He sent me a wonder, a wish upon the stars
He sent me a Love I could never hold back from
He sent me a passion that made me forget
All the pain, all the sorrow, all the torture of my soul
The day that I recieved was the day I thought I would die
I didnt want to live anymore I didnt want to try
I was so surprised, it was like a shock
Those eyes of yours, they are so beautiful
Deep hazel eyes, I never want to see them sad
There always full of such sorrow, why does it have to be that way
I wish I could take it all away from my fallen Angel
All her pain, All her sorrow, mend her tortured soul
When were together all I want to do is whisper to you
I Love You... I dont know why, Its the kind that is unexplained
It could never be released, its there forever and Im sorry
If its too much, but its the truth, every day I think about it
I think about your unexplained artistry
That only a being of the greatest inspiration could of created
That wonder sent was you
You have always been called Angel
And its so true, you truly are an Angel of such fascination
I still cannot believe you chose me above anyone else
I still cannot believe I havent told you how I truly feal
Deep down inside, in the unexplained depths of the human soul
I still cannot believe everything is so flawless now
Is it for you, It couldnt be, your an Angel
Anything I could give could never be enough
To repay the Love that you have given me
Your eyes are so beautiful, I wish I could stay in them forever
Your heart beating next to me is what I need
My arms around you is what feels like I belong
I want to just be here for a little while longer......
All I want to do is stare into your eyes for the rest of my being
All I need to do is learn to love again.
Can you teach me, can you be there for me
Are you the one that I want to love forever
So many insecurities between us
Do you really like me?
Do you want to be with me?
Have you thought about me when im not around?
Do you really think everything is your fault....
Because today I wish I could see you again
Nothing could ever be your fault
Your an Angel sent from above....
I prayed and prayed and you were sent to me
Hopefully to love me, to be with me, to hold me
I know your My Angel but what am I to you
My insecurities sink in, i know your my morning
Waiting through the dark depression of my night.
To take me away from my pain, At least thats what your doing,
Its so hard to say face to face, Its never been this way for me,
But I know that your my Angel, And I Love You with my everything