Look at me
I know you'll see whatever you want to see
I know that I can't stop you
But I hope you'll see
More than just outside

Outside you know
My skin is darker than yours
But not as dark as hers
And I hold myself a certain way

But, I hope you'll see
More than what I seem to be
Look in my Spanish eyes
And see who I am

I hope you'll see
The culture embedded
Within me
The dance, music, and mixed beats
That reflect who I am

I represent so much
La piel canela
The salsa that shaped my culture
The pride of our little Borinquen

Please see past the fact
That I'm a minority
That my people aren't as successful as yours
That they aren't given a fair chance

See the beauty of this culture
The music and festivals
The rainforest, the ocean
The mountains and jungle
The language and movement
See what I see in

La Isla Bonita Puerto Rico