I look back
And see the little girl
That I used to be
Waving goodbye

She has tears in her eyes
And so do I
I'm going to miss her so much
I wish I don't have to go on

But I do
Although I don't want to
Behind me are bright sunshine days full of fun
Before me are dark, bleak days full of trouble

I run back
To embrace her
To hug her young innocent skin to me
To feel her childish warmth against me

She looks up at me
With her bright glittering eyes
Full of hope and promise
I must turn away

I walk a bit
Looking back at her often
Standing there
At the end of my childhood

I force myself forward
I go many miles
Before I break down
And try to run back to her

But she's not there
There's nothing where she stood
I now know I'm alone
And must go forward

I sigh and keep going
Forced to go on alone
But her bubbling laughter and little heart
Are forever within me