Your bright light was extinguished
By something I don't understand
So happy were you, so open
Took life with an open hand

Why did you rob us
Of your spark, your brilliance
Now we're forced to be strong without you
To take things with resilience

You were gone in a heartbeat
So fast I can't even think
Your voice haunts my dreams now
A subconscious link

I close my saddened eyes
And all I can see is your face
I hug my knees to myself and think
No one can take your place

No one can replace your smile
No one can take the part
That you conquered so easily
In my now torn heart

I am ravaged without you
Torn, lost
In a whirlwind of pure confusion
My love acme to you with no cost

My soul yearns for you
Why did you have to go?
I guess it's something I'll never understand
I'll never know