You have to ask me
If I know you all hate me
So as not to feel guilty.

You have to look at me
To see if I'm breaking
Obviously I'm not crying.

I honestly don't like you
Comin' close to despising you
Trying to color my world a deep blue.

Why do you waste your time
On trying to ruin the life that's mine
It's yourself you need to find.

I don't mind being alone
I feel as if I've grown
Away from the drama I'd flown.

So don't waste effort on me
Don't you have somewhere to be?
From yourself you should flee.

Go ahead and spread your rumors
Letting them grow like tumors
You try to cause tremors.

Sorry, I know better
Than to be easily bent like a feather
They wafted out of the gutter.

So yes I know what you say
And if you're going to be that way
I'll move on to my better day
And easily be okay.