I'm on a poem rampage, so expect a LOT of work from me in the next twenty-four hours. It's 6/10/04 right now. At 11:24 pm. I'm upset for a different reason now. As most of you can tell, I have this thing for alliteration. *smiles fondly.*

A blur rests in the cups of my eyelids
A whimper forms in my throat
A shudder here or there
A drop stings my eyes
I just know I'm going to cry

The painful lump in my throat
The throb of my pulse
The constant blinking
The puffiness of my face
I just know I'm going to be hurting

I'm not in the mood to have fun
I'm not ready to rise from bed
I'm not altogether hungry
I'm not even thirsty
I just know I'm going to break down

My chest is tight
My limbs are weak
My body is chilled
My heart is ready to break
I just know I'm going to be depressed

Maybe…there's something out there…
Maybe…if I find it I'll feel better…
Maybe…if I feel better, I wont cry…
Maybe…the pillow wont get wet

Either way…I just know I'm going to cry…