In the house of the rising sun the child sleeps,
While outside golden walls beauty dies and weeps.
He lifts his angel head from the satin pillow,
Only to discover the world is no longer so mellow.

He walks through white halls silent as the night,
But even if not so, none could hear him but moonlight.
Tormenting images float back to the light crowned boy,
Of times long gone, dim as dreams bereft of joy.

Crossing the courtyard he turns his head not to behold,
Once more dying death, but hears screams of the bold,
And the image appears again, as he watches them fall,
Such a small child destined to doom and outlive them all.

He is so many things, purity, innocence, pain and torment,
Curse and pity, wisdom and maturity, lean and unbent,
But above all he is foolish sorrow for those long dead,
And for the world only he now lives in, full of dread.

When he was given to the sinners, he was a prize,
A trick to deceive the foolish, greedy human eyes.
An angel among demons was the gift of pretty glory.
The angel that brought them to their end, not victory.

They all fought for him, and for them he wept and bled.
But his tears changed naught, too much desire he spread.
But at length they all died for him, and he was left alone,
So still he roams aimlessly the cold undying halls of stone.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

AN: Euh.ya.that's it, lol. OK, I sound like an idiot again. I don't know
what to say here, but I'm so used to making an AN..I wanted this to tell a
complete, precise story, but it would've been sooo much longer then.. I
presume things aren't very clear, so I'll try explain this. The boy
symbolizes immortality, and basically all the things most humans long for.
All humanity fights for him and in the end all humanity dies trying to get
him. I also wanted to show how the angel boy would feel if he had
feelings.and in the end he is the only one left in the world.Make any