Tifa P.O.V


            'Here i lay on this stack of hay, giving birth to my babies which have been in my womb for 10 months. I'm helpless to the war going on outside this horse stable. Hopefully, my children will be strong enough to complete their destiny which I forsee. Being the world's most powerful mage and seer, I was able to look into the future.

            My babies, who I shall name Rienne and Savine Janniria, will be the protectors of Gamova, protecting her from the evil cluthes of Profion. The older one would be a warrior like her father and the other a mage, just like I am.

            I can feel them coming out now. How I fear for their lives for they cannot protect themselves yet. At least I still have Ginvera, my loyal and trustworthy servant, to look after my precious babies.            My children, stay strong for me and your father. Don't disappoint us, I know you both can do this...'

            "Mistress! They are both girls and have symbols on their foreheads! Seems like the older one has an orange star on hers and the younger one has a baby blue star. What are you going to name them?" I heard Ginvera telling me of the arrival of my babies.

            "I shall name the older one Rienne and the younger one, Savine. Rienne and Savine Janniria. What do you think of it, Ginvera?"

            "They are perfect! Perfect.. Mistress, we have to escape now. Do you think you can make it?" Ginvera asked in concern.

            "No Ginvera, you are going to escape with my babies. Please take good care of them. I'm now leaving them with you, please, don't fail me Ginvera. Promise me!"

            "But Mistress --"

            "No, just leave with them please. I don't want either of them, including you, to die! Please Ginvera, just obey me one last time."

            I could see that Ginvera was having a hard time deciding whether to leave me or to escape together, but I cannot risk their lives. They are my babies and my maid, whom I treat as a sister of mine. If I were to fear death and escape with them, I'll just be of trouble and it may get all

of us killed!

            I have no choice but to leave them and it breaks my heart for not being able to watch my baby girls as they grow up in what beautiful young women.

            "Yes Mistress, I, Ginvera, promise to take care of my young mistresses till they grow up and are able to live on their own. I'll watch over them as if they were my own flesh and blood."

            "Good, Ginvera, you must now leave! Take care of them for me and thank you, my sister," I said as I watched Ginvera leave quietly and quickly. Moments later, Profion's men came in just as they left.

            I, oddly enough, smiled at them and closed my eyes, safe with the knowledge that I'll be with my husband soon. I'll watch over you, my children, not from this earth, but from another.

             "Just hurry up and kill her," one of the men said.

            That was the last thing I heard before my soul left this world of the living..

End of P.O.V