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Ginvera P.O.V

'I watched my young charges grow day by day. It was amazing how fast five years had passed. Both of them have beautiful auburn hair and emerald green eyes which surprises me, for my master and mistress did not have auburn hair nor emerald eye. What surprises me most is that my young mistresses have the knowledge of an adult and are more matured than those of their age. My young mistress do not know about their real parents either and have always acknowledged me as their mother. Today will be the day they know about the truth and, hopefully, they will not grieve, but accept their destiny --- one which Mistress told me of in my dream just last night. If they don't, I'll have no ---'

"Mama! Mama! Rienne just saved us from a group of big, fat, ugly, fierce men! She kicked and punched and flipped them off the ground! They were so scared that they ran away!"

I saw a little girl no older than five, with shoulder-length bangs which framed her face. A light blue-colored star was on her forehead and she had on a pale pink dress. 'Savine..' When I finally got her sentence through my brain, I was surprised. I never taught Rienne to fight, nor did I let her go on any defence courses!

"Rienne, is this true? If it is, how did you learn to fight? Where did you learn it?"

I turned to face Rienne, who had unnaturally straight hair, now tied in a high ponytail. She had a orange-colored star on her forehead and had on a light lilac dress with a lilac bandana to match.

"Mama, I did not learn it. It's like...someone taught me those skills though my mind! I was so scared there but somehow anger just overcame me. And before I knew those men were injured by me! It's like...magic!"

"The older one would be a warrior like her father and the other a mage, just like I am." Mistress...


"Yes Mama! And that's not it! Savine was like 'Take this! Take that!' with her hands and a stick and some weird blue light just shot out and hit some of the men! The men got injured because of the light!"

"Is this all true?"

"Yes Mama!" they answered in unison.

'Mistress, were you the one who said that earlier? If this is so, then how am I going to help the girls develop their gifts? Mistress, please give me a sign. Tell me, what should I do now?'

Don't worry Ginvera, they'll know what to do....

'Yes Mistress.....'

"Mama? Mama?" Savine said in concern for I did not respond to them for sometime while I was thinking.

"Yes child? Mama...Mama has a story to tell you both..."

"Yes Mama? We wanna hear it!"

"Promise Mama that you won't be angry with me, ok? Now listening carefully to every single thing I'll be telling you right now....."


17 years ago, Ganon and Tifa Janniria were the chosen pair to prevent an evil mage from conquering our world, Gamova. His name is Profion. He was a powerful mage who held great knowledge of dark magic of all kinds.

One could never forget the horrible sight of the battlefield...many lives were taken because of the war...including your parents, my children. Ganon and Tifa Janniria were your parents, your real father and mother. Your father was assumed killed by Profion during the fierce battle.

Your mother, my beloved mistress, was killed by Profion's ruthless group of men just after you were born. She begged me, told me to escape with both of you for she was to weak to move...

---|End of flashback|---

"That was the last time I've saw Mistress...and I believe, you both have to complete your destiny...."

I looked at Rienne and Savine, hoping for a response and they surprised me because of the seriousness and knowledge visible in their tone.

"The destiny laid upon us...we are the next pair to stop him aren't we? This will be the final battle...I'm born a warrior and Savine a mage..." Rienne voiced.

"If this is so, Rienne, we have to train ourselves for the final battle. I'm afraid that if we don't, we might not stand a chance in winning Profion. Since we are given this task to destroy Profion, we have to complete it. If not, we will be letting our parents down, won't we?" Savine added.

"Yes. We'll start training tomorrow at dawn. Right now, we prepare whatever items we need for training tomorrow and make sure that we eat and sleep. We can't afford to have any troubles during our training."

I could only stare at them in amazement. How could they be so young yet have such great intelligence? I watched the twins walk to their respective rooms to prepare the things they would need. I have absolutely no idea what to do now since the twins are now, quite obviously, independent.

"Ginvera, could you make sure that no one interrupts us while we are training tomorrow?"

I looked up, startled by Rienne's sudden presence in the room.

"Sure Young Mistress."

"Ginvera, you may drop all the formalities. After all you were the one who brought up both of us. So just call us by our names."

"As you wish Rienne. I'd advise you to go prepare whatever you need and sleep. You'll need to conserve your energy for tomorrow."

Rienne nodded and retreated back to her room. How I wish that this never happened...It pains me so seeing that the children I've brought of for 5 long years being so distant from me...However I'm proud of them, for they are able to look after themselves now and I don't have to worry about them...

End of P.O.V