Broken Dolls Chpt 1: Reality

By Knightmare Elite

(L Series)

            The cool central air serenaded Mikka's taut naked body.  Faint breathing could be heard behind her. As her hand lazily hovered about the bed she felt a hairy leg and a flaccid member. She shifted her weight to the right side rolling into the arms of her newest acquaintance. He lightly stroked her forehead admiring her angelic face.

            The morning sunshine wouldn't have been so bad; if it weren't for the fact her entire bedroom was white. Gaining more power from each corner of the room; the morning sun assaulted her once nocturnal eyes.

"Good morning beautiful," greeted a husky voice.

Mikka squinted under the intense light. She curses herself at forgetting to close the shades the night before. As her eyes adjusted to the new day she groaned at what always came next. She wiped her eyes immediately feeling the leftover residue on her face. Strands of hair clung to the corners of her mouth caked with semen. The rhythmic pounding in her head reminded her of why she vowed to lay off the hard liquor. She sat up letting the blanket slide off her long catlike body. Beside her was her latest drunken conquest.

"Fuck I did it again," Mikka thought to herself.

He wasn't a particularly bad looking man either. Nice broad shoulders, well defined chest, thick brown hair with an innocent look to him. She couldn't for the life of her remember even getting home last night. After she downed her fourth scotch the rest of the night was a blur.

Mikka sat at the edge of her bed staring at her panties, dress and other belongings strewn on the floor. She felt the bed rise as he sat up and placed his arms around her firm stomach. The warm embrace caused her to smile until she remembered him and flinched.

"Look um whatever your name is you have to go now. I have to take a shower and get ready for work. The maid will get you anything you need but please be gone when I get back," Mikka warned.

"What do you mean go? You're gonna throw me out after that passionate night of sex we shared. You said you loved me and that no one ever fucked you better," he pleaded.

"Mother fucker I was drunk and I don't even know your name. Look you were just a piece of ass alright. I don't do relationships haven't you seen any of my interviews. This is the main reason why I don't like taking guys back to my house. You get so attached all the time. Another thing I really hate is when guys cum on my face among other places.

It's bad enough having this godforsaken taste in my mouth. You must have had a lot of that shit stored up. Seriously I have to get ready so just go or I'll have security escort you. You really don't want me to bring him in here," Mikka warned.

"I can't believe this I actually slept with Myrika Bellamy. You're one of the hottest supermodels on earth. I guess I should have seen this coming. Models never have time to settle down. It must be fun to live such a carefree lifestyle. Well thanks for the good time," he complimented while dressing.

"First off don't call me Myrika I've come to like Mikka. Secondly flattery will get you nowhere with me. So what's your name lover boy," Mikka asked pulling her hairs apart.

"Ned, Ned Stevens. Thanks again for making my first time the greatest ever," Ned said while leaving.

"Damn what a nerdy ass name. So I've finally fucked a virgin what's the world coming to. I can't even remember my virginity how long ago was that," Mikka wondered.

She headed into the bathroom and immediately poured a small cup of mouthwash in her mouth and gaggled. The back of her throat had that all too familiar pasty feel to it as did her mouth. This was a normal morning for Mikka as she was notorious for frequenting bars after long shoots. As soon as she was smashed she'd leave with some lucky guy and fuck his brains out.

The only downside was the vagueness of it all.  Since Mikka was always shit faced she barely remembered anything of the past night. Only the physical remnants told the story. As she laid in her freshly drawn bubble bath she began her morning inspection. "Ned" was obviously inexperienced confirming his virgin line. Traces of semen on her legs, breasts and face made themselves readily apparent. Her stud either repeatedly missed the target or had chronic seizures.

Mikka washed them off and relaxed paging her maid on the intercom.

"Yes ma'am how may I help you?"

"Constantine I had another stay over. Can you black light the room and replace the sheets. If it's no trouble could you bring me a glass of orange juice and a cheese pastry," Mikka asked pleasantly.

"Yes right away ma'am"

It was a common understanding between Mikka and her maid Constantine. Whatever happened in the house stayed in the house. She was a very loyal and understanding woman, which is why Mikka liked her so much. She was in fact one of the few people Mikka could be considered nice to.

Splashing around like a child, Mikka lathered up her body and continued her bath. Her hair was another issue. It was her biggest pet peeve when guys came in her hair. It was a bitch to get out not near as bad as gum but just as irritating. Using a large glob of shampoo, Mikka doused her head spreading it evenly throughout her head.

There was a soft knock on the door

            "May I come in ma'am," Constantine called from the other side.

            "Yes dear come in I'm just finishing up my bath."

            "I checked your room and there are multiple stains on the spread and pillow. He somehow got some on your headboard and a trail leading to your TV. Don't worry I have some extra potent disinfectant that will get that right up. Shall I apply a new bed ensemble or do you want me to wash and replace," Constantine asked while setting down the breakfast tray.

            Mikka dipped her head into the water and began rinsing her hair. Once that was over with she wrapped it in a towel and stood up. She could see Constantine look away out of embarrassment. Mikka smiled and stepped out of the tub in full naked glory. She asked Constantine for her robe. While waiting she dried off her slender body with her bath towel. Every inch of her 6'0 140lb body radiated with the sensuality of liberated woman.

            Constantine returned with a gold robe and matching fuzzy slippers.

            "The gentleman left a few minutes ago and told me to give you his regards. He seemed like a nice one," Constantine admitted.

            "Nice my ass he came all over my face and hair. He's just lucky I was so horny. Well that was last night and it's a new day. This guy was pretty potent himself just toss the spread and put on a new one. Do I have any messages," Mikka asked while having a bite of her pastry.

            "Actually you have one. Katherine Myer from your modeling agency called. She said they just signed on a new girl and would like you to mentor her for a few weeks. Just to teach her the ropes and things," Constantine concluded.

            "Damn why do they always stick me with all the new girls. If it weren't for the $1,000 bonus I wouldn't do it. Then again it's not like I need the money. I'll just send it to my mom. By the way I have a letter on my desk I want you mail to my sister. Oh and don't think I forgot about your daughter's birthday tomorrow. You'll find a little something for her in the third drawer of my desk."

            "Thank you ma'am you are most too kind. I owe you so much especially for letting Marian and I live in your pool house," Constantine praised.  

            "Don't worry about it I really like you Constantine. Besides that I have a soft spot for Marian. I totally understand where she's coming from. You're a hard worker and a young mother I admire those things. Damn I'm running late I've got to go. I'm doing a shoot in Milan today and if I don't get to the studio in time I'll miss my prep."

            Mikka hurried out of the bathroom and scoured her closet for something to wear. Seeing as it was a rather humid morning she decided on flip flops, mini skirt and a tee shirt. Her attire didn't matter much anyway since she would be changing once she arrived at the studio. The skirt like all others looked so tiny on her. It couldn't be helped due to her 41½ inch legs. They were by far her most defining feature. If only she had an ass to give the skirt a little lift all would be good.

            Mikka always felt a little underdeveloped in that area compared to her friends. She just felt it weird being an African American woman with no ass. No one ever complained though as they were mesmerized by her endless legs. Their silky smooth chocolate appeal oozed a delicate sensuality hard to duplicate. Her legs alone got her on the cover of many magazines. Keeping them closed was her hardest demon to contend with. She didn't consider herself a whore or slut, she just enjoyed sex immensely.

            Being a model gave her the perfect opportunity to explore her sexual appetite. Only having to work a few hours a week unless on a shoot was rather convenient. She had money to burn and a body to taunt. Mikka was notorious for her one night stands but she didn't care what the public thought. Her own mother was against it but still loved her all the same. It was her choice to do what she wanted with her life and body. She felt lucky in many ways. She was after all a 21yr old African American supermodel worth millions. Some might call her a free spirit while others could call her a skank. Either way people will always call her.

            Mikka dashed out her room and slid down the spiral staircase hopping off right at the bottom. When she had her house built she insisted on such a staircase just because it was fun to slide on. Outside was her little import sports car. The $70,000 price tag all but intimidated most men. It was a rocket to be reckoned with on the road. She never actually raced anyone. With all the style and power it was just an exotic vehicle to get from point A to point B. Mikka traced the sleek contours of the car circling it once before getting in. Turning the key the engine roared to life and purred under its own power.

            She was off towards her agency for another glamorous day in the life of one of the world's most desired women. Upon arrival she was hit on by the gate man, security guard, parking attendant and the mail carrier. She never lost her cynical smile during the walk inside. Mikka wasn't stupid after all. She knew all those men were professing their affections in vain. They didn't love her. All they wanted was one of her famous nights of unbridled passion. Of course she would never give them the time of day.

            She relished in being a sex goddess to so many impotent men. This was a major issue with her psychiatrist of course. Katherine was standing in the hallway with a small binder looking agitated as always.

            She was a fairly pretty woman some someone in her mid 40's. Obviously sporting implants they tied in with her athletic figure. Being in the modeling, she had stiff competition with any males. Mikka usually partnered with her during their biweekly workouts.

            "You know you really have to work on getting here on time Mikka. …Oh my god don't tell me you did it again," Katherine asked noticing Mikka's lazy appearance.

            She shrugged and stareed at the floor awaiting Katherine's scolding. The woman was like a second mother Mikka never wanted. Ever since she had broke into the modeling scene at the tender age of 17; Katherine took Mikka under her wing.

            "How many times do I tell you how dangerous this is? Getting plastered and fucking random guys is not a good way to live. And another thing your drinking is getting way out of control. I had a talk with your psychiatrist and she said you're finally getting to the root of your issues. Is that why you've gone back to your old habits?

            Please Mikka be careful. I don't want you to OD or get raped," Katherine pleaded.

            "Alright mom I get the point. I'm just having fun and it's the only way I know how to release all my anxiety. The shrink helps bring him out but once I leave that chair it all comes back. Alcohol is the only thing that can push him away again. I don't want to deal with those memories this is just how I handle things. When I see I have a problem I'll stop now quit worrying."

            Katherine huffed and bit her bottom lip with frustration. She nearly shoved the folder into Mikka's hands.

            "This is the new girl Anala Fearson. She's primarily going to be a fetish model for the Indy scene. She does have a how you say surreal look to her which can be useful. I'm going to have her tag along with you for your Milan shoot. So what do you think," Katherine asked moving the photo's to the front.

            Katherine was right this girl was rather unconventional. Her pale skin and short spiky red hair immediately stood out. Her leather outfits gave her a rebellious look. She was tall and skinny typical of most models. It was her make up that was most distinctive.

            "Is she a Satanist or something? She looks pretty scary"

            "Mikka that's just like you to judge a person at first sight. She's not a Satanist she prefers to live an alternative lifestyle in many ways. Look she's only 18 so be nice to her. It's only for a few weeks and there aren't many girls I trust as much as you. Will you do me this one favor please," Katherine begged.

            "You know this isn't the first 'favor' I've done for you. Anala's the third girl I've mentored in the last year. Can't someone else do it I don't feel like babysitting some newbie goth or whatever the hell she is."

            "MIKKA please I promise this will be the last time. Here she comes just be nice I promise I'll make it up to you. I'll give you a month off if you want just do this one favor," Katherine begged.

            Their conversation prematurely ended as a lanky redhead walked into the hall. The few parts of her body not covered in latex and leather exposed her pasty white flesh. Her body was wrapped in skintight latex looking dress with matching knee high leather boots and fishnet stockings. She smiled at Mikka displaying her crimson eye shadow. Almost meeting eye to eye the girl had to be around 5'8. Her small lips encased in midnight lipstick parted. Mikka was intrigued by this girl's unconventional appearance.

            "Nice to meet you Ms. Bellamy I'm such a huge fan I have all your posters," Anala bubbly greeted extending a hand.

            Her reflective black nail polish accented her already morbid look. Mikka found herself smiling at the prospect of having such an interesting girl tag a long.

            "Well I guess this won't be so bad. Come here Anala"

            The girl slowly walked towards Mikka. To her utter surprise Mikka gave her a warm embrace. Feeling the girl melt in her arms her suspicions were confirmed. She ran a hand through her hair and led Anala toward the dressing room.

            "I'll catch you later Katherine," Mikka waved.

            "It looks like this might work after all," Katherine shrugged.

            "I really appreciate what you're doing for me Ms. Bellamy," Anala quietly said.

            "Call me Mikka everyone else does. I'm gonna have my prep now and then we're off to Milan for my photo shoot. You're not afraid of flying are you?"

            "Well I've never been on a plane before but I'm open to new things, Mikka," Anala said with a hint of excitement.

            Once she reached the dressing room Mikka removed what little clothing she had on and walked over to the chair.

"Would you hold these for me," Mikka asked kindly handing Anala her panties.

Anala's face burned with embarrassment. In her hands she held Mikka's panties. She held the very piece of material; only a few moments ago resting so snuggly against Mikka's womanhood.

She couldn't tear her eyes away from Mikka's beautiful body. It was truly a sight to be hold from those perfectly aligned narrow feet leading up to her endless legs. At the top of those legs were her slender thighs sat a beautiful hairless slit at their peak. It rested so warmly between those tower like legs calling to Anala. Her mouth watered as she imagined hungrily lapping away at Mikka's most sensitive area.

Anala forced her eyes away from Mikka's pubic mound to her narrow thighs. They held a slight curve, not enough to convince one of her ability to carry a child. However they were curvy enough to support her tiny ass. Speaking of tiny above her perfectly flat stomach sat two adorable little breasts. Mikka's nipples jutted forward in the aroused state. Anala wondered if it was because of her or was Mikka just like that.

            Mikka was truly a sight to behold. Anala hungrily absorbed it all before having a seat to contain herself.

            "Do you like what you see," Mikka asked pushing her tiny breasts together.

            Anala froze at the question. Of course she liked what she saw. She had a maddening crush on Mikka. Ever since she first saw her on the cover of Athletics Illustrated; it was desire.  It took all her willpower to tear her probing eyes off Mikka's body.

            "I think you're beautiful," Anala said barely above a whisper.

            Mikka walked over to her and massaged her hand. Anala shivered at the touch blushing brighter.

            "Shh it's alright if I were you I'd want me too"

            The fear suddenly vanished and Anala was overtaken by mixed emotion. How could Mikka say such an arrogant thing to her? Her words were caught in her throat as she repressed her tears. Fondling Mikka's panties in her hands, Anala weakly apologized not really knowing why.

            They were interrupted by Jerrard the stylist. He busily came into the room with his supplies. Mikka gently brushed her hand against Anala's cheek watching the girl blush once again before walking off. She plopped down in the chair as Jerrard went to work on her hair. Julie the make up artist entered next followed by Aimee from wardrobe.

            It was a great collaboration. They flawlessly transformed Mikka into an eloquent sex bomb. All the while Anala sat in the corner twiddling with the panties. When no one was paying attention Anala slowly brought the panties to her nose. Her nostrils steadily absorbed the faint yet intoxicating aroma. She couldn't take the torment any longer. It was unfair how Mikka so nonchalantly played with her affections. Anala paced her breaths. She fought the urge to burst through the entourage and touch Mikka.

            Just the smallest sliver of genuine affection was all she wanted from Mikka. Feeling anxiety getting the best of her she chose to halt the situation. She gently placed the panties on the adjoining chair.

            "Excuse me Mikka I'm going out side to have a cigarette is that okay," Anala asked hesitantly.

            What she wanted Mikka to say was to stay with her. Unfortunately Mikka merely waved her away and continued with her primping. Anala stood up with an audible swish from her dress as she moved. She reached in her backpack for her smokes. With a dispirited look at Mikka, she turned the knob to exit.

            "Hurry back sweetie we're leaving in five minutes," Mikka announced seductively.

            Anala smiled once again at Mikka's warmness. Even if it was to tease it still brought a smile to Anala's cold exterior. She sat on the steps taking a drag of her cigarette looking into the heavens.

            "I never dreamed I'd be this close to Myrika. If only she gave me the opportunity I'd rock her world," Anala giggled to herself outing her cigarette.

            She watched the pedestrians passing the staircase with fascination. Many stared while some kids were frightened by her appearance. A young man no more than 18 stopped to say hello. Anala narrowed her eyes and stepped off.

            He shrugged his shoulders and went on his way. She felt an anger deep within her stir at his slight gesture. Ever since her graphic incident at a young age, Anala was never comfortable around men. Ironically enough she wound up in the modeling industry by chance. It was a harmless way to pay for her shitty apartment. Deep down it disgusted her to be ogled by horny middle aged men. There were also the females she so longed to be wanted by. Mikka however was at the absolute top of her list

            As she reentered the room Mikka stood before her in an elegant evening gown decked out like a real princess.

            "So how do I look?"

            "Pretty I guess," Anala lied trying to play it cool.

            Mikka leaned forward almost touching her lips with Anala's and asked her again, "How do I look."

            Anala's mouth ran dry peering into those marble like brown eyes. "Beautiful," slid off her tongue like a square of melting butter.

            Mikka smiled widely and patted Anala on the back; giving her a little more confidence.

            "It's ok Anala I know you're a lesbian. It's pretty easy to notice how you act around me. I think it's cute you like me but I have to be honest with you. I'm not into girls. It repulses me to even considering eating pussy. How can you get wet to another girl?  Don't take this personally I'm not anti-lesbian or anything it's just not my thing. Are you going to be okay," Mikka asked noticing Anala's tears.

            "I'm used to being hurt but I can't help it you're so beautiful. I've had a crush on you ever since I saw your first magazine cover. I have all your posters and calendars. I know you're really a good person no matter what the media says. I don't believe them," Anala wept.

            "What exactly have you heard?"

            "Well they said you see a shrink twice a week because you had a fucked up childhood. They also said you'll fuck any guy with a pulse and you have a problem with commitment," Anala admitted.

            "Oh that's it I thought they had some new rumors."

            Mikka shrugged and dried Anala's eyes with a tissue. She smiled and led Alana out to the waiting limo. Anala was dumbfounded by Mikka's sheer disregard for her public ridicule.

            "Alana if you want to survive in this industry you're gonna have to be stronger than this. You can't expect everyone to be that picture perfect image in your mind. We're all human here and no one is better than anyone else. If you can't remember that then you'll get chewed up and spit on your ass. If you want to be the best you must think and believe you are the epitome of perfection and go beyond that.

            If you have to be a supreme bitch to get your footing so be it. However don't go around professing your love to all the girls. That'll give you a bad rep. That's something you don't want from the get go," Mikka explained.

            "You're the only one I would ever…"

            "Anala just let it go we're going to Milan. There are thousands of beautiful women for you to ogle. Trust me by the time we hit the beach you won't even remember me. You just have to be strong, confident and cool. Oh and it wouldn't help to stop being so damn nice all the time."

            Those words echoed in Anala's head. In the dark recesses of her mind she had locked away that part of her Mikka fought to bring out. All her pain, hatred and coldness lay dormant within her. After that graphic night she completely lost it and went through three years of counseling to reenter society.

            She simply smiled adoring Mikka as they drove in silence. Mikka stared out the tinted window already thinking of which bar to hit once the shoot was over. Neither knew was lay beneath their beautiful exteriors. As fate would have it skeletons always have a way of exposing themselves at the most sensitive of times.