Expression of my Hate
Hating you every minute of each day,
But liking you every second as well,
Wanting to slap you, cut you with words,
Yet it's my fond emotions I'm unable to quell
When I analyze it, go through my heart,
There's nothing left, no characteristics,
Of the good variety, except for your looks
If I don't cease my dreaming, I'll go ballistic
You're my weakness, fault, dent in my mind,
A parasite of the soul, so remarkably unrefined
Who do you think you are, with your walk so egotistical?
You're a waste of good looks and eyes so mystical
For you to pretend to be kind and sweet is, of you, so typical
Others may believe, but I know you're hypocritical
So come at me, express all your hate
I don't care on the outside, but I do deep down
I want to hate you with a raging passion
Now break me, stab my heart, send me falling to the ground