Grief Stricken Love

"Grief Stricken love",

Said the snowy white dove

To her brood of hungry chicks.

"Your father and I married,

But soon he was buried.

And all I have left now

Is this permanent crying frown.


I wish I could have told him

How much I did love him

(Though I still do) I did not, I could not.

Frozen in place with fear.

Shied to a corner with doubt.

Left alone in a room by myself to pout

And ponder and wonder and steadily grow glummer

as all my options die out.


So I flew away, flew fast in the cold.

Slowly growing quiet and old

As the weight of the world did shift

To place this burden upon me.

To watch me crumble to ashes.

My bones shattered and crackŽd

Till their fine dust collected.

And my blood was mixed in

To form the grainy salve

That forces my tears to fall

Cementing me in place

To lament over things long past.




"Grief stricken love",

Said I, the snowy white dove

To the vast empty echo of the darkened room

Which closed upon the cold, blackened remains

Of the broken heart my vial once contained.