Do You Ever Wonder?
9 June 2004
1:35 A.M.

Do you ever wonder
What happened to that woman
And her baby you left behind?
Do you ever think about it?
About what might have been?
You know that woman moved on
And her baby grew up
Without you
But Dad do you ever wonder?
About the baby you left behind?
You've often crossed my mind
And I wonder what might have been
If you'd been a part of my life
I always used to think
Well it's your loss, you missed out
But I've realized it's my loss too
You missed out on my childhood
And I had a childhood without a dad
I felt separated from my friends
Jealous 'cause they had their "Daddy"
And Dad I have to wonder
Why the hell didn't you stay?
Damn you Dad! You selfish prick!
And do you ever even wonder
About the baby you left behind?
I bet I never even crossed your mind
Move on with your life Dad
I've had to move on with mine
But the child inside me whispers
"Why don't I have a Daddy?"