My footsteps upon the moon lit stone pathway echoed off the building walls. The air was damp from the recent rain and hung heavy. A threat lingered. To my side my shadow walked with me. Behind mine, that of another. I knew I was foolish to have left behind my dagger and sword.
The shadow behind my own grew with each step I took. My boots splashed through the puddles, as I picked up the pace. The shadows kept up. My blood ran icy through my veins. Any other day I would have already challenged my follower, but today I had been unwise and was as defenseless as a mortal. I could only out-smart my follower. I would not hide. A woman that I was a weakling I wasn't. My training as a huntress hadn't prepared me for a fight without my weapons. I was a tigress without claws and a jaw of fangs. The rolls had taken change. I was now the hunted.