Death by a painless sleep is a luxury few ever receive, so take this pill
and swallow it with appreciation

End your fucking life
I say to myself
With this pill
You never wake up again
It will make
You asleep permanently
I will feel much better then
I won't ever come around here again
I can't hold on to
To the waves
I know you don't have a chance
To live happily
Some think you and the world want
To have me shut out
Your words seem
Like daggers
Drowning me now
Holding me close
Let me bleed
These oceans
They don't mean shit to me
Words spoken are so broken now
The devil is loose
In an empty hallway
I thought was going to be
A better day than.
See, a better day for me
I hope that we
Don't live meaninglessly
I knew you could do it
And l left it up to you
I take this pill
I thought you would make me whole
You just tore a hole
I close my eyes
Please just swallow it
I've been suffering for so long
So, how could this hurt?
More than you hurt me before
I hate you now

About This Poem:

read down, it is the story of a man hurt by a woman, trying to convince
himself to take his own life. read from the bottom up, it is the story of
the same man taking the life of the bitch who hurt him instead of killing