Do you love me ?

I came to a conjectural conclusion to your hypothetical question
I think love is more than a philosophy; it's an element of expression
It's an epic fairytale of trials and troubles, a unified struggle through
The feeling of healing scars of past relations, a formation, a creation
leading to salvation
It's stronger than titanium trust and deeper than the pacific in passion
It's laughing, sharing what's lacking, always attacking but supportive in
It's knowing the answers of questions not yet asked and knowing not to ask
questions of the past
It's knowing that answers don't need questioning and answers always rely on
more than just two halves
It's something strong that can live longer; it's more than a diamond is
It's knowing forever isn't ever enough and knowing never to say never
It's wanting the other to be happy even if it's not with you
This is what brought me to you, before I never knew what love could do

. So ... Do you love me ?