We are going to run today. It is like this every morning, the guards wake us up early, yelling in our ears to move and wait in line outside. After vigorous running around the camp, we eat breakfast. It is the same routine every day, never changing.
However today was different. As the guards barged into our barracks, shouting insults at our faces, their tone was different. It was as if they were eager for us to jog this time, even though we have been doing the same thing for the past three years.
We all lined up one by one outside, stiff as bone. The guard was glaring at all of us with a stern look, then with big grin he snorted and walked away. I grew confused.
"What do you think we are going to do?" I asked the woman beside me.
"We are going to run," she replied in a monotone voice.
I rolled my eyes. "Of course we are going to run," I said. "But do you think we are doing something different?"
I waited for her response. "No," she answered, staring straight ahead.
I gave up talking to her, her lack of conversation bored me. So I stood there, thinking of all the possibilities that might happen today.
"All right you know the drill," the guard barked, interrupting my thoughts. "This is for your own health and physical ability. Run as fast as you can around the camp. Do not think about slowing down at all. If you do, be warned, we will be forced to 'encourage' you."
The guard and the rest of his comrades laughed. The women and I stood there uncomfortably as they bellowed their fat bellies out.
"Run!" the guard ordered. We all ran as if running for our lives. This went on for a few minutes, us sprinting around the camps as the guards yelled "Faster, faster!"
Soon a woman ahead of me began to slow down, gasping for breath her steps were faltering.
The guard gave an evil smirk as he took something out of his pocket. "I told you to run faster!" he said as he shot the girl with his gun.
She gave out a scream of pain as she fell down writhing to the floor. The rest of the women and I stopped and stared in shock at the sight before our eyes.
The guard gave a maniacal laughter as he shot the gun several times to the sky. "You were warned if we encouraged you!" he yelled. "Run now!"
We all started to run again, this time literally fearing for our lives.
As more gunshots fired, more bodies started to fall. I heard shrieks and the thump of bodies behind me as I hysterically dashed ahead. Tears started to form as I was panting hard for breath, I wanted to keep running but endurance proved hard for me.
Soon I began to cry while gasping for breath at the same time. My feet felt like lead, each step was more difficult than the last. I prayed with all my might that the guard would not notice and that I would survive.
"Stop crying!" he said as he pointed the gun and pulled the trigger.
The shot was a few feet from where I was. I gave out a shout of fear and tripped over my own feet. My head hit the muddy ground as my body gave way. I tasted my salty tears as feet were trampling on me. I put my hands over my head, hoping that there will not be a second shot aimed at me. Trying to inhale steadily, I grew quiet.
Soon I heard something not far from me. I lifted my head to see a girl barely my age lying down a few distances away from me. My ears were straining hard to hear her crying, sobbing quietly to herself. It stayed that way for a few minutes, the girl weeping while I was listening. Then, she stopped and for a brief second everything was silent.
The girl stopped crying, I knew she was dead.
There were more shootings and laughter around me. I covered my ears and closed my eyes shut, hoping that this nightmare will end.


Ah yes, another victim of an assignment from school. Not very proud of this one, I was working late to finish it. However my teacher liked it and said it was 'suspenseful'. I disagree. As always criticisms are allowed and please send a response.

And yes I know it's not truly historically accurate.

Have a great day!