Worth it

All these thoughts of you locked inside my head can't bring anything, but
Those times I actually felt safe locked in your embrace
Times nothing could ever make me unhappy because I knew I could always rely
on you
I was so blessed, maybe I took you for granted, but never on purpose
Every single ounce of my heart belonged to you
and now its laying on the floor in ashes
You hurled it against a concrete wall and shattered it into millions of
that wasn't enough for you though
You aimed your fiery breath at it and scorched it forever
Now even if I could stop crying and search for the pieces
They would never ever fit
I wonder if you did it on purpose
You always had an evil streak in you
but I never saw it before
I guess love really can make you blind
Its also supposed to be better to have loved and lost than to never have
loved at all
but now I can never love again
and I'm not sure it was worth it