The Stake

Author's Notes

Dear Readers:

I really thought this was a good idea. My longest posted story so far on Fictionpress, it came from a song by the Steve Miller Band called "The Stake," which for some reason sprung the preliminary images of this story in my head. I had a grand idea for The Stake that didn't come out so well in actually writing it (maybe if I hadn't written it from 1 until 5 in the morning, that would not have been the case lol). I made numerous changes and revisions, but I still may rewrite it in the future or at least heavily edit it for this purpose, once I have attained some time distance from it.

I really meant for it to have some kind of theme, but if it came out at all in this rendition, it is certainly a muddy theme. I'd love to hear what you think it should mean, though! Include any thoughts on that in a review, and please give some tips if there was something you thought should be changed. I will almost certainly be taking another STAB at this story (hahaha, come on, it was funny) so your opinions and comments may actually be used, especially in regard to the end. I felt that my conclusion didn't bring enough closure to the story or the theme I was aiming for (which, come to think, I'm not even entirely sure what it was). If there are any suggestions you have for that, they would definitely be helpful and worth considering!

To wrap this up (finally XD), I truly hope that you enjoyed reading this story, as rough-draft-ish as it is at this point. ^_^ Thank you so much for stopping by to read my work; your support (whether you meant it or not) is duly appreciated! *wink*

~Mistress Jakira
Date of Composition: disgustingly early morning of Friday, June 11, 2002