I try to convince myself
It's nothing serious
He'll be ok

But the look in his eyes
Proves me wrong

He's full of rage
And sorrow

He has no control
Over his actions

I beg of him
Not to leave
I fear where he may go

He pushes me away
And slams the door

I sit for hours
Praying for him
And crying about him

Next thing I know
There's a knock at the door

Please, dear God
Let it be him
I'll swear anything to see his face

I open the door
And there he stands

I hold him tight
The let him go
My hand is red

He says he's sorry
And kisses me good-bye

No, I scream
I won't let you go
But he's already gone

I lay with him
My tears mix with his blood

My love is gone
My life is over
My blood and his blood combines

We form one person in death
Just as we did in life

A/N: Written in Creative Writing. we were given the phrase "it's nothing
serious, but."