Aniseed Dream

Empty this line. The linebacker is snorting coke and I can't contain myself. This is open heart surgery on the broken hearted and I'll be damned if I don't stab them to death. So, scalpels please and enjoy your rest, Because by the time you wake up this honesty will make you fearless.

The speedy dragon from the green bullet pulls up at the kerb in his pink car, He's asking questions of life and only getting meatballs in return. This influence is dance infused and I just can't help my feet. So turn around and take my hand and I'll lift you off your seat.

Who are all these people? Why are they shooting at me? "You're gonna need all the bullets you got" So spin the bottle and dismount the merry-go-round, Another angel dies every time a hostage makes a sound.

The police found you under suspicion, In possession of the truth, Seeking answers when all I want to do is paint, And I'll paint you a picture a thousand words couldn't speak. And remember this paintbrush was stained with blood when you went missing for a week.

I'm walking a thin line, between madness and insanity. I can never remember which way this white coat fits, So string me up doctor, I'm ready for my shot. This morphine is careless and my existence is wrought. So string me up doctor and power up the machine, I'm ready to slip into another aniseed dream.