i eat children78: THE WINDOW
Gaping on the wall
A big black hole
Revealing harsh darkness.
As I turn around
I am startled by the bitter ugliness
That awaits my eyes,
Like death,
Or black coffee.
Unforgiving and cruel
A monster who feels no emotions,
Raping me of my bravery,
Revealing to me
The reality of lost souls.
I wonder as I turn away
How earlier today
This gaping hole in my wall
Revealed autumn paradise.
Golden leaves
Drifting from weathered branches,
A clear, blue, empty sky,
Daydreamer's bliss.
Revealing to me
The beautiful reality
Of life.
I admire in disbelief,
The contrast between two realities
Both true
But both so distant.
I do not draw my blinds
To mask the darkness outside my window
For two reasons:
One: to mask the darkness,
Would be masking reality.
And though,
I may not find peace in the truth
I refuse to lie to myself
By shading honesty